City Hall Demonstration Garden

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To demonstrate techniques to achieve water use efficiency, DWP constructed a water-saving demonstration garden at City Hall.


About the Garden

The California-Friendly Demonstration Garden is at the north and east entrances to City Hall. The garden demonstrates the potential for water-saving landscaping by using water-wise plants and low water-using irrigation.

To educate both business leaders and the public, the garden has themed signage identifying plant names, plant requirements, and irrigation techniques. Brochures with information on the garden are also available to all visitors. The plants used in the garden design are available at Corona’s nurseries so that visitors can take what they’ve learned during their visit and easily apply it in their own yards.  

For more information, please contact the Water Resources team at (951) 736-2234.
Read more about the demonstration garden in this brochure.

Interested in starting your own water-saving garden? 
Click here for recommendations and guidelines for successful turf removal projects.


Demonstration Garden Layout

The Demonstration Garden is installed in the areas highlighted in green below:

 Demonstration Garden Scope


Demonstration Garden Themes

The Corona California Friendly Demonstration Garden has been divided into 4 focus areas. The theme of each has been selected because of its unique aesthetic characteristics as well as its ability to thrive in the Southern California environment.

Ornamental Grass Garden

Ornamental Grass Garden 
This garden is a moderate and low-water use landscape design that showcases the textures of ornamental grasses. These grasses are low maintenance additions to a garden that add movement in the wind when they are planted in mass. The fine textured grasses also provide seasonal interest.



Sub Tropical Garden

Sub Tropical Garden
This area of the garden only requires low to moderate water use and is ideal for landscaping around pools, water features and other areas where a lush, colorful landscape is desired. This theme will also compliment Spanish, Tuscan, and Santa Barbara styles of architecture. Thick strap leaves and bright vivid colors intermixed with succulent plants provides a look that is also water conscious.


Mediterranean California Garden

Mediterranean/California Garden
California natives are from a similar climate as Mediterranean plant species and can be combined together to create a distinctive water wise landscape. Fine textured plants in free-flowing, natural and informal arrangements create a relaxing, low maintenance landscape. The colors are a muted palette, ranging from soft silvers and gray greens to blue grays and dark greens over a canvas of bark mulch. Flowers in yellow, purple and red create seasonal color interest.


Parkway and Hardscape

Parkway and HardscapeThis area demonstrates alternatives to having turf grass in your parkways. Turf grass is one of the biggest water users in the landscape and decreasing the size of a turf area or even getting rid of it altogether can be an easy way to conserve water. In this area of the garden, we have incorporated a mix of low groundcovers and permeable hardscapes that are easy to implement in a parkway situation.



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