Residential Water Rates

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The DWP provides clean, high quality water delivered straight to your tap at very reasonable rates.

DWP has a tiered rate and water budget program, which is effective at promoting efficient water use and resource conservation. There are two billing components to water service: commodity charges for water used and a fixed Readiness to Serve charge. 



Water Rates

Residential Rates


Effective Feb. 2014

Basis for Tier

Indoor Budget $2.10 Efficient indoor water use
Outdoor Budget $2.33 Efficient outdoor water use
Inefficient Use $3.17 1% to 20% over Water Budget
Excessive Use $6.35 21% to 40% over Water Budget
Wasteful Use $11.64 More than 40% over Water Budget

Potable Readiness to Serve Rates

Potable Rates
Readiness to Serve Charge
February 2014
5/8" $19.23
3/4" $25.23
1" $36.09
1 1/2" $62.90
2" $91.80
3" $156.91
4" $241.02
6" $442.64
8" $651.04


View a printable copy of the City of Corona's Detailed Water Rate Sheet



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