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If you repaired a leak or have more than four residents in your home you may need a water budget variance.

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Residential water budgets have two components: an indoor budget based on the number of residents, and an outdoor budget, based on your home lot size.

Each single family home has a default budget of 4 people per home. Each multi-family home receives a default budget of 2 people per home. Each resident is budgeted 55 gallons of water per day. So, the typical indoor budget for a single-family home is 240 gallons per day and 120 gallons per day for a multi-family home.

The outdoor budget is determined by the landscaped area which is the size of the area that is being irrigated. Pools and spas are also included in the landscaped area. County Assessor parcel data and the City's Geographic Information System were used to determine the landscaped area for your home.


Requesting a Variance

If you have more people per home than is in the default budget, please submit a variance form so we can match your budget to your circumstances.

Repaired a leak? Filled a pool?
Fill out a variance form for a one-time budget variance.


Variance Forms

You can apply for a variance online, or by printing and sending it in.


By Mail or Fax
Select the form that applies to your situation:

Print the form, complete and sign it, then mail or fax it to:

City of Corona, Utility Billing Division
P.O. Box 950, Corona, CA 92878-0950
Fax: (951) 736-2455



For more information on the Tiered Water Rates and Water Budgets, please call Customer Care 
at (951) 736-2321. For information on staying within your water budget, contact our Water Resources
team at (951) 736-2234.

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