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Welcome to the Department of Water and Power's Answer Center. Here are answers to most questions we receive. Simply select the type of question you have to get started.

  • Auto Pay

    • Q. Should I still pay my current bill?

    • Q. What does Autopay cost?

    • Q. What happens if a payment is rejected?

    • Q. What type of credit cards are accepted?

    • Q. Who is eligible to participate in Automatic Bill Payment (Autopay)?

  • Billing

    • Q. How do I pay my Bill?

    • Q. How do I read my bill?

    • Q. What do all of the charges mean?

  • Drought

    • Q. Can I build a pool?

    • Q. Can reclaimed water be brought to homes in separate pipes?

    • Q. Do I still have to comply with Watering Guidelines?

    • Q. How can I conserve?

    • Q. I need help adjusting my timer. What should I do?

    • Q. What about new development?

    • Q. What are the new watering rules?

    • Q. What do I do if I see water being wasted at someone’s home or business?

    • Q. What if I see water being wasted at City parks or parkways?

    • Q. What is the City doing about the drought and cutbacks?

    • Q. Will the City fine people?

    • Q. Will the DWP raise rates?

  • E-Bill Service

    • Q. How do I pay my Bill?

    • Q. How do I sign up to receive an e-Bill?

    • Q. How does an e-Bill work?

    • Q. What is an e-Bill?

    • Q. Where can I see my e-Bills?

  • Gas Pipeline & Safety Info

    • Q. Based on population and pipeline locations, what is the designation for my City?

    • Q. How can I make my City more safe and save resources by preventing pipeline incidents?

    • Q. How should I coordinate City planning and development projects with SoCalGas if my community is growing?

    • Q. If there is a major gas leak, how do I get emergency crews there as fast as possible?

    • Q. The Proposition 218 Notice spoke about tipping fee increases. What is a tipping fee?

    • Q. What does SoCalGas do to maintain its pipelines and protect the public?

    • Q. What should I do when there is a gas leak?

    • Q. Where do I get more pipeline safety information?

    • Q. Why does SoCalGas prune or clear trees in my City?

  • Trash & Recycling

    • Q. How can I learn more about landfills and Waste Management services?

    • Q. How long is the agreement with Waste Management?

    • Q. What is the Franchise Fee that the City collects from Waste Management?

    • Q. What kind of rules do landfills have to comply with?

    • Q. Why are the trash vehicles so expensive?

    • Q. Why are there so many regulations for landfills and why does it cost so much?

    • Q. Why hasn’t the City changed contractors?

  • Water Conservation

    • Q. Is the Water Conservation Ordinance changing?

  • Water Service

    • Q. How do I calibrate my water meter?

    • Q. How do I flush my water heater?

    • Q. How do I start or cancel my water service?

    • Q. How hard is my water?

    • Q. How is my water treated?

    • Q. What do I do if I have a water leak emergency or outage?

    • Q. What do I do if I have low or high water pressure?

    • Q. What is the fluoride content of the water in Corona?

    • Q. What is the water quality in Corona?

    • Q. When I turn on my kitchen or bathroom faucet, the water comes out white. What is wrong?

    • Q. Why do I sometimes see water flowing from fire hydrants or down the street?

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