Trash & Recycling Program

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The City of Corona contracts with Waste Management for trash & recycling services.

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Residential Customers

ResidentialThe City of Corona DWP bills single family residential homes directly for trash and recycling services. These monthly charges apply whether or not you have trash for pick-up during the week. See a brochure of services offered to the City of Corona residents by Waste Management. English Español

If your property is outside of the City limits, you are responsible to contract for your own trash service with the company of your choice. The closest public landfill is El Sobrante landfill, located at 10910 Dawson Canyon Road, Corona, CA 92883. You may reach them at (951) 277-1740.


Business/Commercial Customers

BusinessBusinesses and commercial accounts must establish trash service by contacting Waste Management directly. For more information see the Waste Management website or call (800) 423-9986.





Residential Trash & Recycling Detailed Information

 Current Trash Rates

Residential & Income qualified Rates EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019
Residential Basic
- Service
- Billing Fee
- Disposal
- Greenwaste
Total per Household

$ 5.20
$ 2.19
Income Qualified
- Service
- Billing Fee
- Disposal
- Greenwaste
Total per Household

$ 5.20
$ 2.19

Full current rate sheet, effective 7/1/2019 


Curb Side Oil Pick Up

City of Corona residents can recycle used motor oil at the curb. It’s free and easy! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Pour used oil into a used oil container or a clear plastic container with a screw-top lid. Please do not mix oil with other materials such as antifreeze, brake fluid or gasoline.
2. Call the City of Corona’s Waste Management at 1-800-423-9986 no later than 24 hours before your trash service day to schedule your pick up. Set the recycled used oil by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled day. Only set out 2 gallons of used motor oil at a time.
3. Waste Management will empty your container on your trash day and leave the container on the curb for you to reuse.

Trash Service

Corona residents are provided with three 96-gallon carts: one for regular trash, one for green waste, and one for unsorted recyclables. All trash, green waste and recyclables are collected on the same service day once a week. This fully automated system allows for an aesthetically pleasing appearance on city streets. View disposal guidelines to recycling.

Collection Information

Cart Placement

  • Carts should be placed in the street or alley with the lids closed.
  • The wheels of the cart should be against the curb.
  • Carts should be placed at least three feet from each other and at least seven feet away from any obstructions such as vehicles, mail boxes or fire hydrants.
  • Per § 8.20.050(E) of the Corona Municipal Code, no receptacle is to to be placed curbside more than 24 hours before, nor remain longer than 24 hours after, the scheduled time of collection.

Regular Trash 

Regular trash should be placed in the 96-gallon black cart (or green cart with black lid). This cart has the capacity of three regular trash cans. All trash must be inside of the cart. Any items outside of the cart, on top of the cart's closed lid, or left on the street will not be collected. If you require an additional pick-up, please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire at (800) 423-9986 to schedule a bulky-item pick-up.

The maximum weight of a 96-gallon cart is 180 pounds and 100 pounds for a 64-gallon cart. To avoid a cart from being partially emptied, please do not compress the contents. This may restrict the automated collection system from completely discharging all materials.

Bulky Items/ E-Waste

Corona residents may request up to three (3) bulky and/or E-Waste pick-ups per year at no charge. Additional pick-ups are available for a minimal charge. To make arrangements for pick up, please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire Customer Service at (800) 423-9986.

Large Appliances (Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners may be accepted with a certified CFC/Freon removal certificate) Tires, automobile parts
Water heaters, water softeners Hazardous waste, chemicals, toxic materials
Mattresses, sofas, chairs, tables Glass
Doors, ladders, glass windows, sliding doors Concrete or asphalt
Exercise equipment, bicycles, clothes Dead animals
Patio furniture, barbeques, lawn mowers (remove tanks) Propane tanks
Lumber (must be bundled in 4ft. or shorter segments, weighing less than 50lbs) Construction debris removal
Carpeting and chain link fencing (must be rolled, 50lb maximum weight) Large items over 100 pounds

Green Waste

Green Waste should be placed in the 96-gallon green cart with green lid.

Items Accepted in the Green Waste Cart:

  • Lawn clippings, leaves and weeds.
  • Small cuttings from bushes and shrubs.
  • Branches and limbs which have been cut up to fit in the cart.

Items NOT Accepted in the Green Waste Cart:

  • Regular garbage
  • Dirt, sod or rocks
  • Palm fronds/cactus or other succulents
  • Manure or animal waste

Tree Trimmings: Bundles of tree trimmings that will not fit into your green waste cart can be collected by using one of your annual bulky item pick-ups. Please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire for more information at (800) 423-9986.

Have Questions?

We have answers! View the Trash & Recycling Frequently Asked Questions


Additional Services

Temporary Bin Service 

Waste Management provides three-cubic-yard bins for the temporary collection of small clean up jobs. For information regarding rates and availability, contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire Customer Service at (800) 423-9986.

Holiday Tree Collection and Recycling 

Waste Management will collect and recycle natural, undecorated trees (free of stands) placed at the curbside, for two (2) weeks following the holiday season beginning December 26th. The collection of trees for recycling is free. To recycle your tree, place it at the curb on your regular trash pickup day. Please prepare your tree by removing all decorations including tinsel, lights, ornaments, and tree stands. Flocked trees will be collected but cannot be recycled. Please do not put your tree in a bag or a net sleeve. Trees over six (6) feet tall must be cut in half.

Roll Off Service 

Large temporary roll off containers are available for construction projects. Please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire Customer Service at (800) 423-9986 for more information.

Additional Containers 

In order to keep refuse collection fees as low as possible, residents are encouraged to use the recycling and green waste programs to reduce the amount of trash sent to the landfill. Conservation practices such as these will help eliminate unnecessary waste, conserve critical landfill space and recover valuable materials and energy resources. Residents requiring additional trash, green waste or recycling carts, please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire Customer Service at (800) 423-9986.


RV Holding Tank Disposal/ RV Dump Station

645 E. Harrison, Corona CA 92882 (Map)
Hours: Every day, dawn-to-dusk Phone: 951-736-2234


Special Collection Events

Backyard Composting Workshop information can be found by clicking here. Compost bins can either be homemade or purchased. Bins are available at scheduled workshops and by appointment with Riverside County Waste Management Department at (951) 486-3200. AQMD Lawn Mower Exchange: Click here for details and information.

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