Policies: Community & Library Users

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Trustee Policies-Community


  1. EMPLOYEE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: CPL volunteers must comply with all applicable CPL policies and procedures; therefore, personnel policies referring to employees also apply to volunteers.Volunteers are not eligible to receive any remuneration, benefit package, or  worker’s compensation benefits. Volunteers will work under the direction of a CPL employee at all times.
  2. RECRUITMENT: The CPL Director will provide resources and personnel for the active recruitment of, orientation of, and maintenance of a cadre of volunteers.
  3. REPORTING & PROGRAM EVALUATION: The CPL Director will report on volunteer activities, contributions,and program effectiveness. A presentation will be made to the Board of Trustees at least annually.


Heritage Room

  1. USE OF MATERIALS: Materials in the Heritage Room have been donated and collected through the years to enhance knowledge and information about Corona and its environs. Materials may be copied for personal use but use beyond that - for publication or commercial public display - are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees with whatever stipulations they may require, and the payment of a usage charge beyond any regular fees for reproduction.
  2. ACQUISITIONS: Materials will be acquired through internal transfer, donation, deposit and purchase. Donations of materials and funds are essential to maintaining and developing the Heritage Room collection. Grant funding is also sought. The decision to select and preserve records of historical value is the responsibility of the librarian in charge of the Heritage Room. The Library Director retains the right to determine if a donation is not an appropriate addition to the Heritage Room.


Trustee Policies- Library Users

Hours of Operation

The Corona Public Library will maintain hours that are most convenient to library users residing within the city of Corona. Library hours of operation will not require the library to exceed its approved budget. Changes in library hours must be approved by the Board of Trustees.


Library User Policies: 

Eligibility Requirements for Library Users of Services: The Corona Public Library welcomes all individuals who wish to use the library for study, reading, research, or other approved library purposes. Eligibility to check out materials is limited to those who have been issued and hold a library card. (See policy entitled "Library Cards and Materials.")

Library Rules of Conduct: It is our intention to provide Corona Public Library visitors with good service in a pleasant atmosphere. To ensure this, the following behavior is prohibited:

1.  Possession of a firearm or other weapons, whether loaded or unloaded (Corona Municipal Code 9.52.010), except as provided in Corona Municipal Code 9.52.020.  The open display of weapons is prohibited. 

2.  Conduct, by individuals or groups, that disturb library users or staff, or that hinders others from fairly using the library or library materials, or violates local, state or federal law.

3.  Disruptive conversation, harassment, unruly or boisterous behavior, sleeping, disruption of public meeting or assembly, or refusal to obey a reasonable request of library personnel (Corona Municipal Code 2.48.110). Cell phone conversations are to be kept at a minimum and with lowered voices. Patrons engaged in lengthy and/or loud phone conversations will be asked to lower their voices or continue their conversation outside.

4.  a.  Using alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.  Persons under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs are not allowed on Library property.  Pre-approved Library events may serve alcoholic beverages (Corona Municipal Code 9.22.020).

b.  Smoking, as defined in (Corona Municipal Code 8.02.020(A)) "shall be prohibited in, on or within any area or property that is part of the library premises, including, without limitation, all entry areas, patios, plazas, sidewalks, pathways, landscaped areas and parking lots, where the Library Director and City Manager determine to be appropriate for the library's operation" (Corona Municipal Code 2.48.110(B)).

5.  Eating or drinking, during regular library hours, except at pre-approved events or in areas specified by the Library Director    (Corona Municipal Code 2.48.110). Bottled water and beverages in containers with lids are allowed.  Open soda cans are not.

 6.  Damage, destruction or theft of library property.

7.  Sleeping, bathing, grooming, or washing clothes on library property (Corona Municipal Code 2.48.110).

8.  Bicycling, skateboarding, skating or similar activity on library property or where signs prohibiting this behavior are posted.

9.  Blocking the Library's entrances, or exits, aisles or passageways.  The distribution of written materials such as pamphlets, handbills, circulars and other materials, and the gathering of signatures of petitions is permitted outside the Library provided that it does not block or obstruct entrances or exits to the building or otherwise interfere with a patron's ability to use the Library.  Tables and chairs associated with the above activities are permitted only in the seating area located to the right of the Library main entrance, which is highlighted on the attached diagram, and only used in a manner which does not block or obstruct entrances or exits to the building or otherwise interfere with a patrons' ability to use the Library.  The diagram is also available upon request.  Easy-ups or any other type of shade structure is prohibited outside the Library. 

10. Selling or solicitation on library for the immediate receipt of funds is prohibited on Library property.

11. Animals, except service animals, and those approved for library programs. All animals shall remain leashed and kept off the furniture.

12.  Inappropriate attire: Shoes and clothing (tops and bottoms) must be worn at all times; provided that underwear alone is not deemed to be adequate clothing.  Attire that exposes a person's chest or midriff is prohibited.  Clothing containing obscene language or language that by its very utterance inflicts injury or tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace is prohibited.

13.  Unattended minors (see Library Trustee Policy A.2.b.). The library is open to the public, which can present risks to children. Children should be under the supervision of a parent or caretaker who assumes responsibility for their safety.

14.  Bulky items: library patrons may not bring in large items such as shopping carts or push carts containing personal belongings not for use in the library and that may hinder the emergency exits or pathways of the library patrons or staff. Garbage bags and sleeping bags are not allowed. Belongings may be inspected for security purposes.

15. The library is not responsible for theft, loss or damage of unattended items.

Appropriate action will be taken when infraction of these rules is reported to a staff member. This action may result in an individual being banned from the Corona Public Library, with cooperation from the Corona Police Department.

Disruptive and Unattended Children Policy:

The Corona Public Library is not the guarantor of the safety of the children who use our facilities. Our facilities are open to the public, a situation which can present risks to children. The safety and security of the children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver.  

Children should be under the supervision of a person who assumes responsibility for him or her.

Parents or adult caregivers should monitor all activities and behavior of their children while they are in the library. When a child is unattended or under-attended/ignored and the behavior of the child is disruptive or inappropriate (or)

  • the child appears to be a danger to herself or himself or others (or)
  • the child appears to be threatened by others (or) 
  • the child appears to be ill or upset (or)
  • the child has not been met by a parent or caregiver at closing.

Library staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian of the child.  In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be located, staff will contact the Corona Police Department.  In the event of an emergency, the staff will call 911.

In the event an emergency forces the immediate closing of the library, children should know what procedure to follow as determined by their parents or adult caregivers.

Confidentiality of Patron Records:

All patron records of the Corona Public Library are confidential. Such records, whether print or electronic, include (but are not limited to) circulation records, internet use records, interlibrary loan and reserve requests.

With the exception of persons acting within the scope of their duties within the operation of the library, patron records are disclosed only upon written consent of the patron involved or under court order or subpoena.

The implementation and interpretation of this policy is the responsibility of the Library Director.

Responsibility for Materials Selection

Ultimate responsibility for all materials selected resides with the Board of Trustees of the Corona Public Library. The Library Director and staff have responsibility for selecting materials in accordance with board policies.

Display of New Materials to the Public

All new circulating materials acquired for the Corona Public Library collection will be displayed in new material areas of the library for viewing by the public.

Conditions for Accepting Donations:

Donations of money and material to the Corona Public Library can be received by the two non-profit organizations established for this purpose whose mission is exclusive to the Corona Public Library: Corona Public Library Foundation and Friends of the Corona Public Library. Donations become the sole property of the Corona Public Library without reservation or conditions, and their possible disposition or liquidation will be subject to the Trustees' discretion.

Artwork Donations

The Corona Public Library welcomes the donation of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works of fine or graphic art. Artwork must be matted, framed, encased or otherwise protected and ready for permanent display.

Acceptance of donated artwork in no way obligates the Corona Public Library to display the artwork. Preference for the display of artwork will be as follows: those that provide an uplifting, pleasant, and harmonious environment; those created by a current or previous Corona resident; those by a person with ties to the Corona community. Determination of the monetary value of each donated artwork will be the donor's responsibility and must accompany the donation.

Support of Community Education

The Corona Public Library strives to maintain a close working relationship with the teachers, students, and schools within its service area. Recommendations as to how the library collection may support the mission of local schools are welcomed and encouraged. Such recommendations will be considered along with the overall needs of the community. The Corona Public Library will provide reasonable amounts of space for all current school texts donated to the library. 

Circulation: Materials Available to All Patrons

The Corona Public Library encourages patrons to develop a lifelong interest in reading and learning through a variety of available formats. Availability and distribution of library materials and resources is necessarily always in furtherance of legitimate educational, scientific and recreational purposes. By endorsing the ALA's "Library Bill of Rights" the Board of Trustees supports the idea that all members of the community have free and equal access to the entire range of library resources, regardless of content, approach, format or amount of detail. These rights extend to all users of the public library, including minors.

Available library resources, including but not limited to books, periodicals, videos (including motion picture videotapes), DVDs, CDs and CD-ROMs, may contain materials of a controversial nature. The Library upholds and affirms the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected materials, and also affirms the right and responsibility of parents to determine and monitor their children's use of library materials and resources.

Parents and guardians are expected to monitor and supervise their children's use of library resources by selecting material that is consistent with personal and individual family values. The Corona Public Library does not provide this monitoring or supervision. However, a parent or guardian can choose that a library card issued to their minor child may: (1) allow complete access; or (2) not be used to borrow motion pictures in any format in the adult collections; or (3) not be used to borrow MPAA R-rated motion pictures in any format.

The Corona Public Library strives to provide materials and information that are current and in a variety of formats and covering a wide range of subjects and points of view. As stated in our mission, we believe in the freedom to read, to learn and to discover.

Circulation: Period of Time Books & Other Materials May Be Borrowed

Circulation procedures regarding the period of time library materials may be utilized in the library and the period of time they may be borrowed will be designed to maximize availability of materials to the most library patrons while allowing sufficient time for their use by patrons.

Library Cards and Materials

Library cards of the Corona Public Library will be issued to all individuals who request them, have proof of identity, and have a permanent, verifiable address within the state of California. When applying for a library card, minors (anyone under age 18 years) must have a parent or guardian present, to sign the application in person. Library cards are the property of the library and may be suspended for abuse of the library, staff, or violation of  its policies and procedures. 

Library patrons are responsible for safeguarding their library cards and materials borrowed from the Corona Public Library.

  • Presentation of a Library Card is required to check out all library materials.
  • Responsibility and liability for items charged on a lost or stolen card rests with the person to whom the card was issued and, if a minor, a parent or guardian who signed the library application, up until the time that the card is reported lost or stolen to the Library.
  • Responsibility and liability for returning materials rests with the person who checked them out and, if a minor, a parent or guardian who signed the library application.

Issuance of Library Cards to Shelter Residents

Library cards of the Corona Public Library will be issued to residents of the local Corona homeless shelter using the following criteria:

  1. Three month renewal term on card;
  2. Presentation of a city issued Service Eligibility card;
  3. Letter from the shelter, signed by Shelter Manager;
  4. Restriction of borrowed items to two at one time;
  5. No borrowing of audio visual materials.

As with all Library cards, responsibility and liability for returning materials rests with the person who checked them out, and if a minor, a parent or guardian who signed the library card application.

Fees & Charges Pertaining to Library Materials & Services

Library fees and charges will only be required when additional costs are incurred which fall outside the approved library budget and which cannot be recovered by donations or other additional funding. When it becomes necessary to impose fees and charges upon library patrons, the fees and charges will be minimal and designed to recoup only the additional costs. Fees and charges will be reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

Motion Picture Films in all Formats

The Corona Public Library may enhance its collection with motion picture films, in any format, that support its mission.

The following policy is provided in compliance with California Education Code Part II, Chapter 1.5, Article 4, Section 18032 requiring public library governing boards to "adopt a policy regarding access by minors to motion picture videotapes."

The Corona Public Library permits access to all motion pictures in any format to all regular Corona Public Library cardholders. Parental Choice Card holders can either (1) not borrow adult fiction motion pictures in any format; or (2) not borrow R-rated adult fiction motion pictures in any format, at the choice of their parent or guardian.

Computer Use Policy

It is our intention to provide our internet, database and Wi-Fi users good service in a pleasant atmosphere. To ensure this, please be aware of the following:

  • Patrons must possess a valid Corona Public Library Card in good standing and must use their own card to access the internet workstations. Patrons with outstanding overdue materials or fees/fines exceeding $10 are blocked from using the internet workstations or print stations.
  • Library card holders using the internet may be limited to up to one hour per day at the discretion of library personnel. Non-card holders may use a guest internet station for up to fifteen minutes per day.
  • Staff may only assist with logging on and printing.
  • Library patrons may utilize the internet at their own discretion and risk, and are responsible for any access points they reach. The ability to access does not imply that the library endorses or sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information, images or commentary, which may be found on the internet.
  • Downloading, displaying or printing visual materials that are sexually explicit in nature is prohibited.
  • Patrons may not use the computers for any illegal activity, any activity that is harassing or defamatory or in a manner inconsistent with the Library Rules of Conduct or the Corona Municipal Code.
  • Patrons must use caution when sending personal information. The library is not responsible for the security of credit card numbers, passwords, or other personally identifiable information which can possibly be intercepted by a third party.

Library Meeting Rooms

Meeting room procedures will be designed to allow maximum use, fair distribution, and best maintenance of meeting room space in the following priority: library staff; library affiliated groups/events; City of Corona and affiliated groups/events; Corona-based organizations. The library Board of Trustees has priority use of the Boardroom on all occasions.

Non-library organizations are not to use library rooms as places of business or to generate earnings by selling, merchandising, or otherwise offering goods or services in exchange for revenue. Book sales in conjunction with author signings are permitted with the Library Director's approval.

Use of meeting rooms in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meetings or of the aims and goals of the organization using the facilities. In case a question is raised as to the objectives and activities of any organization, group, or individual requesting use of the meeting rooms, the Library Board shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the rooms. Organizations may not advertise the use of the library facility in any way that implies sponsorship by the library other than to indicate the name and address of the facility.

Storage of equipment or materials is not allowed. No materials of any type may be attached to walls or doors. All organizations must take reasonable precautions to avoid damage of equipment, furnishings, floor cover and other library property. The library reserves the right to require a damage deposit from organizations.

Meetings held in the rooms must not disrupt the general service of the library. Noise and conduct is expected to be kept to a level that will not disrupt either meeting room use or general patrons in the library. The library reserves the right to cancel the use of rooms at any time.

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