Traffic Signals, Cameras, and Safety

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Traffic Cameras

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Traffic Signals

The City of Corona Public Works Department currently operates and maintains over 140 traffic signals. Traffic signals are used to help assign right-of-way to the motorist. Signals are also used to control the flow of traffic through Corona.

About half of the traffic signals in Corona are connected to our Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). This allows staff to monitor and adjust traffic signal operation from a central location, the Traffic Management Center.

If you have any questions or comments concerning Corona's traffic signals, please contact us:
Phone: (951) 736-2266
Online: Public Services Request Form


Traffic Safety

City staff is dedicated to improving and controlling traffic flow as well as providing safe routes through the City. Staff monitors problem areas and has developed "traffic calming" measures to mitigate areas of concern. A few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are listed below:

Issue: I live on a residential street and drivers speed up and down it all the time.
Solution: When a complaint is received, staff deploys a RADAR trailer or other driver feedback device. The intent is to remind drivers exactly how fast they are going to make them aware that they are traveling too fast. At the same time, the Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Section is notified to monitor the neighborhood. This combination of education and enforcement has been very effective.

Issue: I live near a school and people are parking in my neighborhood instead of in the school parking lot. They are becoming a nuisance - what can I do?
Solution: Staff has developed a Preferential Permit Parking Program that allows the City to designate certain streets for parking by permit only. This program has advantages and disadvantages. For more information about this program please click here or call us at (951) 736-2266.

Issue: I saw school children crossing a busy street. They almost got hit. What can you do to help protect the children?
Solution: Staff has developed and implemented a successful education program with Corona schools that identifies and teaches parents and children where the safest places to cross a street are located. Often this solves the problem. However, if more effort is needed, staff investigates the need of a crosswalk and/or crossing guard. Special care is taken to install crosswalks following the guidelines and warrants set by the state and federal transportation agencies. Remember, crosswalks are just painted lines that can provide a false sense of security. Crossing guards also need to meet state and federal requirements before being considered. For more information please contact us at (951) 736-2266. 

To contact the City of Corona Traffic Engineering please call us at (951) 736-2266 or e-mail us at or use the online Public Works Service Request Form.

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