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There are times when it is necessary to close a road due to safety concerns, construction, or for other events such as block parties and parades. Several steps are taken prior to any planned road closure to ensure public safety:

  • An application must be submitted by the company or person requesting the street closure, with the appropriate processing fee.
  • The application must contain a site and detour plan that includes any barricade locations, along with a schedule of the dates and times of the planned road closure.
  • Once the application is received, it is reviewed by senior staff. For small block parties, the City requires that the applicant submit a signed petition by everyone on the applicant's block that is affected by the road closure. For large projects, the senior staff member will instruct the applicant on the proper method of notifying those affected by the closure. Notification may include posting signs prior to the closure, or in some cases, door to door notification.
  • The Inspection Section of Public Works is then notified of the closure, as well as the Police and Fire Departments, in order to ensure public safety.

    The Public Works Department thanks you for your patience and understanding during necessary road closures. For questions regarding specific road closures, please contact:
Scheduled or posted closures:
(951) 279-3511
Unscheduled or emergency closures:
(951) 736-2301
(951) 279-3548

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