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Parking can often cause traffic safety hazards. Please be sure to mind all traffic signs and curb painting that restrict parking or stopping. The signs make our streets safe for everyone to use. Also please note that there is no commercial parking on public streets in the City of Corona. Special permits for limited parking are available from the Police Department. If you are having a problem with parking in your community please contact Traffic Engineering at (951) 736-2266.


Preferential Permit Parking (PPP)

Preferential Permit Parking is a City program that allows residents of qualified neighborhoods to obtain special permits that exempt them and their guests from certain on-street parking time limits or prohibitions in their areas.

Eligibility Requirements

The area must meet the following requirements:

  • Area must be located within a Preferential Parking District:
  • Preferential parking districts are created by the City Council for areas with potential traffic parking intrusion, near some schools and parks. Please Contact the Traffic Engineering Division for additional information on districts.
  • 67% of the area's residents must request the program.
  • 80% of on-street parking spaces in the area must be occupied during peak parking periods, or out of area traffic is causing public nuisance.
  • The area's boundaries are such that designating it for preferential parking will not shift the parking problem to an adjacent area.

Parking Restrictions

Typically this type of parking restriction involves prohibiting parking during specified time periods by vehicles without permits.

Advantages of Preferential Parking

  • Long-term parking by non-residents is reduced or eliminated.
  • The amount of on street parking available to residents and their guests is increased.
  • Litter, noise and traffic created by non-residents is decreased.

Disadvantages of Living in a Preferential Permit Parking Area

  • Vehicles without permits are subject to parking restrictions, even if they belong to residents or their guests.

The Permit Parking Process

Residents submit a petition from 67% of the proposed area residents. Traffic Engineering Staff reviews the area eligibility criteria and meets with proponents to establish permit perimeters and constraints. Staff distributes notifications to all properties within 500 feet of the area. The petition may also be forwarded to a City Council committee for consideration. Once the request is approved, parking signs are posted, and each household is issued one free permit. Additional permits are issued upon request.

Permit Options and Availability

The first permit can be used as a floating (guest) permit. Additional permits will be issued, upon request, to vehicles owned/operated by drivers in the household. Temporary short-term guest permits are also available for special events.

Permits are available at the Public Works Counter. A proof of residency and registration for each owned vehicle will be required for issuance of permits. For company vehicles, a letter from the company stating who the vehicle is assigned to and the driver's address is needed to obtain a permit. No permits are required for new vehicles (without license plates), or non-resident vendor/service vehicles conducting business.

Number of Permits

The number of additional parking permits is limited to the number of vehicles owned/operated by each household.

Permits Expiration

The first (guest) permit does not expire. Permits for owned (or company) vehicles expire once the vehicle is sold (or disposed of). Temporary special event permits will be issued for up to one week.

Permits Display

Permits will be issued as stickers. They may be affixed on the lower left corner of the windshield or hung from the rearview mirror, facing forward. Temporary permits are to be placed on the dashboard with printed side facing up.

Cost to Residents

First permit Free
Temporary special event permit Free
Permit for owned vehicle $10
Maximum for two or more permits issued concurrently $20
Permit replacement $10
Fine for Parking Violations
Per violation $35

For additional information about this program, please contact Public Works counter at (951) 736-2259 or e-mail us at

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