Traffic Engineering

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The Traffic Engineering Section operates and maintains traffic signals, roadway signs, roadway striping (lane lines), and curb painting.

The Department's state-of-the-art, award-winning Traffic Management Center (TMC) allows staff to assist in relieving traffic congestion in the City by monitoring traffic conditions. The TMC is a manned center used to monitor traffic signals at key intersections throughout the City. The TMC provides the City with a strong traffic directing system by monitoring signals utilizing traffic cameras and communication with CalTrans controlled signals to positively control traffic flow.


Traffic Information


Roadway Signs, Striping, and Curb Painting

Roadway signs are devices used to help inform the motoring public what to do and what to expect while traveling through Corona. Stop signs are installed with great care for the safety of the motoring and pedestrian public. Signs are only as effective as the people that follow them, so please be mindful of traffic signs and obey them.

Roadway striping is used to keep vehicles in their lanes and to show them where they are allowed to perform turns and other maneuvers safely. Corona is a proactive city when it comes to keeping striping current and well maintained. If you see striping that is faded, missing or is confusing, please report it.

Curb painting restricts parking and stopping on public streets to maintain safe traffic conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about roadway signs, striping, or curb painting, please report it to Public Works. 


Contact the Traffic Engineering Section 

If you have any traffic questions, please call us at (951) 736-2266, e-mail us at or use the Public Works Service Request Form. For non-emergency after-hour calls, please call Police Dispatch at (951) 736-2330.



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