Recently Completed Projects

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The projects shown below have been recently completed by the Capital Improvement Projects section of Public Works. For more detailed information on any of the projects listed or to speak with an engineer, please call the Capital Improvements Section at (951) 736-2266.

Recently Completed Projects

Project Information Completed

Street Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation, Project No. 2017-22

The project consists of slurry seal and pavement rehabilitation, including the use of asphalt concrete as well as rubberized asphalt concrete hot mix. The project also includes replacement of damaged sidewalks, curb and gutters, and installation of new curb ramps to meet the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act. 

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Hayden Avenue and Howe Street Waterline Replacement
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Bedford Debris Removal Under Temescal Canyon Road
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WRF-3 Sewer Force Main and Temescal Canyon Backbone (Electrical Underground) Project
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Sixth Street Waterline Extension-Grand Boulevard to Rimpau Avenue, Project No. 2018-03

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04-110 - Storm Drain Line 52 

The construction of a storm drain line in Joy Street and East Grand Boulevard from Third Street to the Temescal Creek Channel

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June 2019

California Avenue Sewer Pipeline Project, Project No. 2018-08

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Project No. 7158572- Arantine Hills Force Main Project

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Project No. 2017-06, 2017 Street Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation Project
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Project No. 71590572, Arantine Hills Lift Station Project
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2017-30, Corona Cruiser Shelter Battery and Lighting Improvements
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Corona Waterline Relocation
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Project No. 70330507, Resin Treatment of Nitrate Sources Wells 32 and 33 Equipping
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Santa Ana River Trail Staging Area Sewer Extension
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Project No. 2014-08, Ontario Ave Cir California Ave to Magnolia
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Project No. 68510507, Resin Treatment of Nitrate Sources Ion Exchange Treatment Plant
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City Park Basketball and Volleyball Court Addition

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2017-01 - Citywide Sidewalk Improvements Phase I 

The project will consist of removal and replacement of sidewalk, curb and gutter.

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2015-01 SR 91/71 Interchange Waterline
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2016-02 - 2016-17 CDBG Sidewalk Improvements 

The project will consist of rehabilitating existing sidewalk to comply with ADA requirements, constructing ADA curb ramps, and replacement of curb & gutter.
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 2016-12 - Splash Pad at Ridgeline Park 
Install a Vortex splash pad, CXT prefabricated restroom, prefabricated equipment Enclosure, prefabricated shade structures, landscaping modification and other miscellaneous ancillary improvements
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70460462 - Railroad Street Sidewalk 
Construct sidewalk along north side of Railroad Street to connect existing sidewalk surrounding Monica Circle. View Project Summary
03-0112 - Ontario Zone 4 Waterline 
Construction of approximately 1700 linear feet of 12” DIP potable waterline with water services between Kellogg Avenue and Fullerton Avenue along E Ontario Avenue.
2015-07 - Traffic Signal at Serfas Club and Rancho Corona 
Installation of traffic signal at the intersection of Serfas Club at Rancho Corona including curb ramp and sidewalk improvements. 

70330507 - Resin Treatment of Nitrates Sources Well 32 and Well 33 Drilling

The project converted an out-of-service water well to a triple-nested monitoring well; drilled and constructed a 450-ft deep well to bedrock and screened to intercept the lower aquifer; and drilled and constructed a 280-ft deep well screened to intercept the shallower aquifer. Wells were constructed of 16-inch stainless steel casing with wire-wrapped screens. The wells will increase the City’s local groundwater supply. Well water will be treated to remove nitrates and perchlorates at the new Ion Exchange Treatment Plant at City Park.

65310570 - Well 27 Emergency Generator 

Installation of emergency generator equipment including 125 kW emergency generator with walk-in enclosure, diesel particulate filter, automatic transfer switch, 660 gallon diesel fuel tank, electrical conduits/wiring, and site improvements. 

4-396B - Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension

Construct a segment of roadway to connect Foothill Parkway from Lincoln Avenue to Green River Road.

2014-07 - Foothill Parkway Widening Tamarisk to Teddy Bear 

Widening Foothill Parkway between Tamarisk to Teddy Bear from 2 to 4 lanes. Improvements will include curb & gutter, sidewalk, storm drain, and median 

2016-10 - 2016 Street Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation 

 Project will consist of pavement rehabilitation and slurry seal. The project also includes replacement of damaged curb and gutters. 


2015-11 - Harrison Street Trunk Sewer Relocation

The project consist of a new 27" sewer trunk line with 8" sewer lateral, new manhole, AC cap and striping. 


48-1106 - Green River Road Widening: SR-91 to Palisades

Includes widening Green River Road from 4 to 6 lanes from Palisades to State Route 91. Improvements will include a new storm drain, sewer and water lines, a new traffic signal at Palisades Drive and a traffic signal modification at Dominguez Ranch Road. Note: Project attachment is in .pdf form 150MB

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