Fire Prevention and Planning

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 Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division provides a wide range of services including the enforcement of local, state, and federally mandated regulations; public education; conducting fire safety inspections; issuing fire code permits, plan checks and new construction inspections, weed abatement and fuel modification; hazardous materials disclosure program; juvenile fire setter intervention program; and the investigation of all fires to determine cause. The Prevention Division strives to minimize potential fire hazards through education, enforcement and engineering.

Overgrown Vegetation Issue

To submit an overgrown vegetation issue, create an account through the City of Corona's eTRAKiT site.  This will allow you to upload a photo and track the progress of the issue.  Once you have created your account, you can begin the process by clicking “Report Issue”.


Safety Information

To learn about fire safety and other prevention information, please view our Safety Info Page


Hazardous Material Information

 Learn about fire hazardous materials, definitions, and fill out a disclosure on our Hazardous Material Info page


Permits, Forms, and Guidelines

Please note: All Fire related plan reviews will be submitted through our Building Department located at Corona City Hall. When submitting for plan review, a minimum of four (4) sets of detailed plans including a minimum of four (4) sets of hydraulic calculations are required. For the status of your plan check, visit the Building Division Plan Check Status page. Please have your permit number, name, or address available. 

City User Fees

For fire department plan review and permit fees, click on the following links.

Construction Permits and Guidelines

Permit Applications (Please complete both Applications):
Construction Permit Application
Construction Permit Application, AB2335


Address and Premises Identification, Guideline
Construction Standards per CA Fire Code 2019
Emergency Responder Radio Coverage, Guideline 2019
Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems, Guideline 2016
Fire Flow Guideline 2019
Fire Lane Guideline 2019
Fire Sprinkler Plan Review and Inspection, Guideline 2016
General Plan Notes Guideline 2019
Hydrostatic Testing Guideline 2019
Private Hydrant and Sprinkler Underground Piping Guideline 2019
Submittal Requirements for Residential OH Master and Repetitive Plans

Fire Code Permit and Guidelines

Permit Applications
2020 Fire Code Permit Application


2019 CFC Permit Guideline
2019 CFC Fire Code Permit Descriptions
Amusement Buildings and Haunted House Guideline 2019
Combustible Dust Producing Operations Guideline 2019
Compressed Gases Guideline 2019
Cutting and Welding and Hot Works Guideline 2019
Explosives, Blasting, and Pyrotechnics Permit Guideline 2019
High Pile Combustible Storage Guideline 2019
Industrial Ovens Guideline 2019
LPG Guideline 2019
Place of Assembly Guideline 2019
Repair Garages and Fuel Dispensing Guideline 2019
Spraying and Dipping Guideline 2019
Tents and Other Membrane Structures Guideline 2019


Fire Alarm Permits

Commercial Fire Alarm Permit and Guidelines Permit Applications
Commercial Fire Alarm User's Permit Application 2019
Commercial Fire Alarm User Guideline 2019


Residential Permit & Guidelines
Permit Application: Residential Fire Alarm User's Permit Application
Guidelines: Residential Fire Alarm User's Permit, Guideline 2019
Large Family Daycare, Guideline 2019
Residentially Based Care Facilities, Guideline 2019


Fire Watch Guidelines

2019 Fire Watch Guidelines 


Hazardous Reduction Information

Administrative Citation Policy and Guideline For Enforcement of the Fire Code

Plant Pallet for Defensible Space Landscaping
Ready, Set, Go - Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan
2019 Fire Hazard and Weed Abatement Contractors
Weed Abatement FAQ (see bottom of page)
Weed Abatement Policy and Procedures

Additional Guidelines

Abandonment or Removal of Tanks Guideline 2019
Christmas Tree Guideline 2019
Commercial Kitchen Hood and Duct Guideline 2019
High Pile Storage Pallet Stops Guideline 2019
Open Burning, Portable Outdoor Fireplaces and Recreational Fires Guideline 2019
Open Flame Cooking Devices Guideline 2019
Smoking Lounges Guideline 2019
Solar Voltatic Installation Guideline 2019


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I report a fire hazard problem?

    You can report a weed abatement problem to the Corona Fire Department at 951-736-2220 or sending an email.  Prior to calling, you will need to obtain the detailed address or location, along with a thorough description of the problem. Photos can be of great assistance.  

    Neglected landscaping – examples include front lawns that are severely overgrown, have weeds, brush, or are unattended or neglected, are violations of the Municipal Code and are not enforced by the Fire Department. Please contact Code Enforcement. 

  • I cut my weeds and pruned my trees. Can I burn the cut material?

    Due to restriction from South Coast Air Quality Management District, open burning is not permitted.  Yard waste must be properly disposed of in your household yard waste container, or taken to a landfill.

  • What constitutes a Fire Hazard on private property?

    Not all vegetation dry, dead, or dying will constitute a fire hazard.  What the Fire Department looks for to open an abatement case is the following:

    • The fire hazard is visible from the public right-of-way
    • Dead or dry leaves and pine needles on the yard, roof, and rain gutters
    • Dead or dying branches that are hanging within 6’ from the ground
    • Combustible vegetation within 10’ of roofs, chimneys, or eaves.

    Items not meeting the above criteria may be classified as a nuisance according to the Corona Municipal Code.  Contact Code Enforcement for clarification.

  • Where can I find someone to provide abatement services?

    Weed Abatement contractors can be found by searching “weed control services” or discing services” through your local internet provider.  The Corona Fire Department maintains a list of contractors in this area who perform various types of abatement work.  Although we cannot specify or recommend any particular contractor, the list is made available to the public as a resource. A list of Private Weed Abatement Contractors is available.   2017 Fire Hazard and Weed Abatement Contractors
  • What kind of landscaping can I put in my yard that is fire resistant?

    Go to the Plant Pallet for Defensible Space Landscaping Guideline contained in our list of guidelines.

  • If I have several acres, do I have to abate the entire parcel?

    A parcel of undeveloped land, less than five (5) acres, must be completely disked.  Any parcel of land larger than five (5) acres must be disked around the perimeter and firebreaks disked to create areas no larger than 2 ½ acres.  Minimum size of the fire break will be sixty feet (60’).  Parcels presenting fire hazards greater than the normal need for abatement will be disked according to the discretion of the Fire Hazard Abatement Officer.

  • How do I dispute a Fire Hazard abatement charge on my tax bill?

    A request to investigate such charges must be in writing and sent to the Corona Fire Department, Fire Hazard Abatement Officer, at the Corona Fire Department, 735 Public Safety Way., Corona, CA  92880.  All records and photography of the property will be presented to the property owner to show the work that was done on the property.  If the charges were assessed in error, the city will submit a letter to the County Assessor’s office requesting that the charges be removed.

  • Can I appeal the Fire Hazard abatement notice?

    Yes, a written appeal can be made by the owner or person occupying or controlling such lot or premises.  The appeal must be submitted to the city of Corona City Clerk’s office.  The appeal will be presented at a regular City Council meeting and a decision will be rendered.

  • Why do I have to maintain my parkway which belongs to the city?

    Although the city does own the parkways, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain his/her parkway, alleyway and/or easements within their property.

  • What if I received a “Notice to Clean Premises” and I am not the property owner?

    Change in ownership of the property is not always recorded immediately.  If you received a “Notice to Clean Premise” and you do not own the property listed, please contact the Corona Fire Department at 951-736-2220.  Property owner information is provided to the Corona Fire Department by the Riverside County Assessor’s Office and may have a delay in transfers of information.

  • Am I responsible for someone else dumping on my property?

    Yes, the property owner is responsible for the maintenance and fire hazard abatement of their own property at all times.

  • How much do I have to pay if the city-appointed crew does the work?

    If the property is not abated by the specific deadline, citations will be issued.  A city crew or private contractor will abate the property and the charges will be assessed on the following year’s tax bill.  A minimum charge will be assessed for the first hour, plus charges per each additional quarter hour.   Call (951) 736-2257 for exact fees.

  • Why did I receive a fire hazard abatement notice?

    Corona Municipal Code Chapter 8.24.030, states “All weeds, dry grasses, dead shrubs, dead trees, rubbish or any other material growing upon the streets, parking area, sidewalks, or upon private property within the city, which bears weeds of winged or downy nature or which by reason of their size, manner of growth, and location constitute a fire hazard to any building, improvements, crops or other property, and weed grasses which, when dry, will in reasonable probability constitute such a fire hazard are a public nuisance”.

  • What authority does the city of Corona have to enforce the Fire Hazard Abatement Program?

    Corona Municipal Code Chapter 8.24 states: “If it is determined by the fire chief, or his authorized representative, that a public nuisance exists on any lot or premises in the city, or upon any sidewalk, parking area or street adjacent to such lot or premises, the fire chief shall cause a notice to be issued to abate such nuisance”.

  • What is the Fire Hazard Abatement Program?

    In an effort to reduce vegetation fires in the city of Corona, a Fire Hazard Abatement Program was designed.  To implement this program, the city is surveyed twice each year by the Fire Hazard Abatement Officer.  Those properties not in compliance are notified either by the posting of a pink sign on the property, done in the spring, or by letter.  In either case, the property owner has 30 days to abate the property.

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