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“Vial of Life” Program

The “Vial of Life” program helps you to compile personal information and have it available for 911 responders in the event of an emergency.

A Personal Information Sheet is completed and stored inside a prescription medication type Vial which is then placed inside your refrigerator for safe storage.

A special Magnet is placed on the refrigerator door to alert Firefighters, Paramedics and Police Officers to locate your “Vial of Life” so that they can have accurate information to help you in a time of emergency or crisis.

The program is provided free of charge to residents in the community at no cost to the Tax Payer due to the generous support of the Corona Fire Safety Foundation, Corona Regional Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente.

To find out how to obtain your Free Vial of Life or for more information send an email to or call the Vial of Life Hotline at 951-736-2373.

Vial of Life Brochure  |  Vial of Life FACT Sheet  |  Vial of Life Personal Info Worksheet 
Vial of Life Instructions  |  Frasco de la Vida, Instrucciones de Programa





FREE QR Code Stickers with Your Medical Profile

Your Corona Firefighters, together with MyID, serving The City of Corona with pride.

QR Code StickersCorona Residents, you can now pick up FREE Quick Response (QR) code sticker packs and link your medical profiles. This helps Corona Firefighters access your medical profile as well as your assigned emergency contacts if you or a loved one are ever in an emergency situation.

QR codes are scannable with any smartphone and can give firefighters instant access to your MyID medical profile. To take advantage of this helpful program, pick up your personal QR code sticker packs at any Corona Fire Station or Corona Fire Headquarters. Each kit comes with 4 vinyl stickers, all with the same ID and PIN to be used to access one profile. Then, go to and click on Sign Up to create a MyID profile. MyID is and online medical profile that can be accessed anywhere. Many use it to manage personal medical information and clearly communicate important information to health care providers. MyID profiles are free, and you can add as many profiles as you want. Make an account for yourself, your senior parents, and/or your children. Finally, use the ID and PIN found on your stickers to link your personal stickers to your MyID profile.

Here are some ideas as to where you can put your personal QR stickers:

  • Place them on your bike, skateboard, or skates
  • Stick them on your child’s helmet, or car seat
  • Post it on your wallet, phone, or your fridge
  • Stick them to your parent’s watch or key chain

This could help save your life, or the life of someone you love! 

For more information on this free program, please call 951-736-2220 or email Firefighter Pirritano at

*Please refer to notice & disclaimer. Using MyID is voluntary and involves the electronic submission of sensitive personal and medical information, so please proceed accordingly.
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