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Property Maintenance

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 Since 1987, the City of Corona has had a comprehensive Property Maintenance Ordinance dealing with the maintenance of private property. The Ordinance was designed to set minimum standards for the maintenance of real property and to prevent unsafe and unsightly conditions. Properties which do not meet these minimum standards are considered to be in violation and a public nuisance.

Our Code Enforcement Staff conduct both proactive and reactive inspections to ensure compliance with these standards. It is the goal of the Code Enforcement Program to draw the property owner's attention to any existing code violation which could have a negative impact on their property, neighborhood, and the City of Corona as a whole. Through voluntary compliance and a spirit of personal responsibility, the majority of these violations are corrected. The success of this program rests upon each resident, business owner and property owner, acting as a good neighbor by properly maintaining his/her property. Only through compliance with the municipal codes and knowing how to take action when violations occur, can we work together to achieve the quality of life everyone wants to enjoy in Corona.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following summary of the Corona codes to ensure that your property is being properly maintained.

Code Violations to Avoid

Buildings and Structures

  1. Deteriorated wood or stucco siding materials, roofs, foundations or floors, peeling paint or lack of paint causing dry rot, warping or termite infestation.
  2. Abandoned and unsecured buildings, broken doors and windows, or buildings left in a state of partial construction.
  3. Buildings that are designed for human occupancy that are left vacant for more than 90 days where the premises and building are not being actively maintained.
  4. Fences or walls in a hazardous condition or in a state of disrepair.
  5. Substantial deterioration of porches, landings, patios, stairways, or guardrails.
  6. Broken or defective decorative elements of a building, structure, parking lot or landscape area.
  7. Storage or scattering of trash, debris or other abandoned items in the interior of a vacant building creating a fire hazard or health hazard.
  8. Signs constructed or maintained in violation of the zoning or building code.

Yard and Landscape Areas

  1. Overgrown grass, weeds, trees, or other plant materials to such a degree that it creates a fire hazard, harboring place for vector, or tendency to depreciate the appearance and property values of surrounding properties.
  2. Overgrown vegetation providing a harboring place for vagrants or other persons.
  3. Debris and litter not stored in trash receptacles.
  4. Storage of abandoned, broken, wrecked, inoperative or discarded household or office furnishings, housewares, appliances, electronic equipment or devices, machines and tools, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, scrap metal, tin, wire, aluminum, plastic or glass containers, or similar objects except in approved refuse containers.
  5. Storage of usable building materials for more than 180 days, except during construction or remodeling under a valid building permit or as may be permitted by the zoning code, and provided they are stored in a neat and orderly manner.
  6. Attractive nuisances such as hazardous swimming pools, ponds, iceboxes, refrigerators, neglected machinery, excavations, stagnant water, or abandoned wells which could be dangerous to children or other persons.

What can you do to help

Each of us as citizens, property owners, and business owners in the City of Corona, owe it to ourselves and to our neighbors to maintain our homes and businesses in a manner which has a positive effect on the overall appearance of our City.

The basis of the Code Enforcement Program rests upon each of us acting as good neighbors. We all have property rights that protect us. However the term "Property Rights", also implies that a property owner has certain responsibilities. No property within the City may be used or maintained in a manner which downgrades the value, use, enjoyment, or safety of ones own, or surrounding property.

Click here for a printable Property Maintenance Regulations brochure.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

After an inspection is made by a Code Enforcement Officer, you will be given a written notice to comply within a specific number of days. Normally a minimum of 10 days are given, but no more than 30 days. If compliance is not obtained within the time frame given, a nuisance abatement hearing may be scheduled, an administrative citation may be issued, and/or a notice to appear in court may be issued. Please note that multiple administrative citations may be issued for non-compliance. In addition, if more than two inspections for compliance are performed, re-inspection fees may also be charged.

For further information regarding Property Maintenance Regulations, please see Municipal Code 8.32 or call 951-739-4970.

Click here for information on how to report a code violation.
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