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400 S. Vicentia Ave, Suite 120
Corona, CA 92880


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Due to COVID-19 and having to maximize personnel resources in the most efficient manner please use the following emails and phone numbers to contact staff.  The department’s phone mail box is being checked daily, Monday through Friday.  Please leave a message and staff will return your phone call.

Planning Division:
Planning: 951-736-2262
Use the Planning quick link below to access other services.

Building Division:
Building: 951-736-2250
Inspection Staff:
Plan Check Staff:
Use the Building quick link below to access other services such as electronic permit submittals and to schedule an inspection.

Code Enforcement Division:
Code Enforcement: 951-739-4970
Use the Code Enforcement quick link below to access other services.


About Community Development

The Community Development Department is made up of four distinct divisions; Planning, BuildingCode Enforcement and Housing Services, with each having a vital role in the Community Development Department's mission to protect and enhance the physical environment of the City and to provide for the highest possible quality of life for the residents of the City of Corona. 


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