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Welcome to the City of Corona Aquatics Programs! Consisting of Private Swim Lessons, for youth and adults, Lifeguard Certification Training, Recreation Swim, and more, our pools have something for everyone! Summer fun beings July 8, 2020!


Calling All Lifeguards!

The City of Corona will be hiring Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors for the 2020 summer season! Important dates to mark on your calendar:

  • January – May 2020 is open recruitment. Applications available at
  • Interviews will be conducted each month.
  • Applicants must have their Lifeguard and/or Water Safety Instructor certification prior to the interview. Red Cross Lifeguard Certification classes are being offered through the City of Corona.

Please visit our website to register. For more information contact the Library & Recreation Services office at (951) 736-2241.


Lifeguard Certification Training Available!

The purpose of the American Red Cross Blended Lifeguarding course is to teach candidates:

  • Skills needed to help prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies
  • Provide professional-level care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses
  • Land and water rescue skills, as well as First Aid and CPR.

This blended learning course allows participants to complete all the eLearning information prior to the in-person session. Participants are required to complete all eLearning content prior to the first in-person session of the course.

On successful completion of a course in the Lifeguarding program, participants will receive an American Red Cross certification that indicates they have successfully completed the requirements for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED, valid for 2 years. 

All supplies and fees are included in price, including American Red Cross AP/LTP fees, CPR Resuscitation Mask, and Lifeguarding Manual.

The deadline to register for the course is one week prior to class date.

Visit to register online.


Private Swim Lessons (Adult or Child) – Winter/Spring 2020 

Our certified and dedicated staff is committed to helping you reach your swim goals. Whether you are just getting started or eager to improve, these focused and specialized swim

lessons are catered to your swim needs. These 30-minute classes have a 1:1 staff/student ratio for more personalized training. Classes meet on Saturdays, at the Auburndale Community Center Pool 1045 Auburndale St., Corona.

For more information on registration and class descriptions, contact the Library and Recreation Services Department at (951) 736-2241. 


Aquatics Level Descriptions

Adaptive Swim Lessons, 3+ yrs (Based on height)
Adaptive 1: 4'5" and shorter  |  Adaptive 2: 4'6" and taller
Designed to provide a safe, enjoyable recreation experience for individuals who have physical disabilities, impairments or are developmentally disabled. Classes include introduction to the water and water adjustment activities. Where appropriate, participants may be required to have a parent or aide in the water to assist with activities. 

Parent & Me - 6 mos to 3 yrs
Strictly a water orientation class, parent participation in the water is required. Parent will be taught how to instruct child in basic water safety and self-help skills. Skills include water adjustment and entry, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, buoyancy on the front and back position, front kick, arm movement, submerging in a rhythmic pattern, rolling over, and age appropriate safety topics. 

Level 1 – Water Exploration, 3+ yrs
Skill prerequisites: Minimal comfort with water
Designed for a young child's first exposure to water without their parent. Children will learn basic water safety and self-help in 1-3 feet of water. Skills will include bubble blowing, kicking, holding of breath, bobbing, and other fun and creative activities. This class is NOT designed to teach your child to swim. 

Level 2 – Primary Skills, 3+ yrs
Skill prerequisites: Very comfortable with water
Designed to be your child's introduction to swim instruction. Fundamentals include tummy and back glides, flutter kick, and front and back strokes. Swimmer WILL NOT be able to touch the bottom of the pool and should be comfortable with holding on to the side of the pool. To pass this level: Swimmer must be able to swim 5 yards freestyle and backstroke unassisted. 

Level 3 – Stroke Development, 3+ yrs
Skill prerequisites: Swimmer must be able to swim 5 yards freestyle and backstroke unassisted.
Skills learned include coordinated freestyle, back crawl, elementary backstroke, and side breathing. To pass this level: Swimmer must be able to swim 10 yards freestyle and backstroke unassisted.

Level 4 – Stroke Improvement, 3+ yrs 
Skill prerequisites: Swimmer must be able to swim 10 yards freestyle and backstroke unassisted.
Skills learned include alternate breathing with front crawl, sidestroke, treading water, breaststroke, and a higher level of water safety. To pass this level: Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke unassisted.

Level 5 – Stroke Refinement, 3+ yrs
Skill prerequisites: Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke unassisted.
Skills learned include refinement of breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and front and back crawl, advanced water safety, diving, butterfly, flip turn, and pike surface dive. 

Beginning Adult – 18+ yrs
This class is designed to be the first swim lesson experience for adults. Skills include basic water adjustment and beginning swim strokes.



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