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Who needs a business license certificate?

Any individual, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship who wishes to conduct a business within the City of Corona must secure a business license certificate.  The Corona Municipal Code (CMC) states; "It is unlawful for any person to transact, perform, engage in and carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, or occupation in the city without first having procured a business license..." (CMC Section 5.02.030)

The City of Corona Municipal Code requires that all businesses pay for a business license certificate, but such payment does not authorize an applicant to do business in the City.  All businesses must comply with all City codes and must have Community Development Department's approval before opening.  A separate license certificate is required for each branch or location of the business. 

Exceptions *:
Those businesses specifically exempted from a business license payment by local, state, or federal statue include:

  • Charitable
  • Non-profit
  • Religious
  • Businesses with gross receipts less than $5,000

* All businesses that are exempt must register with the Business License Division and provide proof of exemption.  Please check with the Business License Division at 951-736-2275 for any other exemptions that may apply.

Information concerning business licenses, transferability of a business license certificate, obtaining a duplicate license certificate and conducting a business at separate locations, or separate businesses at a single location, and any other business license questions may be addressed to the Business License Division at 951-736-2275.



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