Filing a Claim with the City of Corona

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Claims for damages are filed at Corona's City Clerk's Office and processed by Corona's Legal and Risk Department. 

The process of filing a Tort Claim against the City of Corona is determined by the Government Code for the State of California, (SS 900 - 916). Once filed with the City Clerk, a claim is forwarded to Risk Management where it will be reviewed for completeness. Without all necessary information the claim will be returned to you as incomplete.

As a general rule, claims must be filed within six months of occurrence. Be sure that you have signed and dated the form and provided all the information requested on the form. Generally a copy of estimates for repair is necessary to process the claim. There are exceptions to this requirement, but it is better to provide them when available. 

Risk Management has a duty to determine liability by researching information from the department that is responsible for the issue involved in the claim. There is not a time frame within the Government Code for conducting research, though we attempt to acquire the necessary information in a timely manner. It is not unusual for this to take several weeks. The claim may be assigned to an outside administrator and in that case you may receive communication from an independent adjuster. 

The Government Code specifies deadlines for returning a claim that is filed after the statute of limitations or rejecting a claim that is determine to be invalid. Once returned or rejected a claimant has a limited period of time to take further legal action. 


Download City of Corona Claim Form

Click here to access the City of Corona Claim Form


Submitting a Claim

  1. Fill out the claim form in its entirety and submit it at the City Clerk’s Office at Corona City Hall. If you have any questions about the form or submitting the claim please call the City Clerk’s office at (951) 736-2201.

    City Clerk's Office, City of Corona
    400 S. Vicentia Avenue, Ste. 155
    Corona, CA 92882

  2. After it’s been filed, the Claim is processed by the Risk Management Department. To follow up on a claim, please call (951) 279-3525.


Important Notes:

  • Claims for death, injury to person or damage to personal property must be filed not later than six months after the occurrence. (Government Code Section 911.2)
  • Claims for damages to real property must be filed not later than one year after the occurrence. (Government Code 911.2)
  • Claim form must be signed at the bottom of Page 2
  • Attach separate sheets, if necessary, to give full details. Sign each sheet. 
  • Review entire claim for for completeness before filing. 


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