Family Services Division

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Family Services Division

School Resource Officers

Because of the large student populations at Corona high schools, there is an ever present need for prevention and intervention by school officials, the community and law enforcement. Corona PD and the Corona Norco Unified School District are in partnership to provide a School Resource Officer (SRO) to be assigned to the Corona, Santiago, and Centennial High School Campuses. 

PD School Resource OfficerIntegrating the SRO concept into the school helps the police department build solid rapport with the students, staff, and the school system. The SRO is a positive role model for students and staff and an in-house measure of security. Another benefit of the SRO’s is that they can reduce or eliminate calls for service from patrol as the SRO’s handle most any calls for service on their campuses.

Corona High School: Officer Steve Renstrom
Santiago High School: Officer Manuel Montero
Centennial High School: Officer Daniel Clary
Lee Pollard /Orange Grove High Schools: Officer Jeremy Sanchez

Youth Diversion Team

The Youth Diversion Team (YDT) is a partnership of Corona PD and the Riverside County Probation Dept. to oversee counseling of first time offenders, teach classes to offenders related to the crimes committed, and meeting with the parents/guardians of YDT participants to ensure accountability. This program offers a second chance to teen offenders of minor crimes. The eligible offenders enter a contract with the Corona PD, Riverside County Probation, and their families. If the offender successfully fulfills the terms of their contract, then their criminal offense is dismissed prior to it entering the criminal justice system.

Permits and Event Planning

The Family Services Division is responsible for facilitating the permit process for all special events, second hand dealer permits, entertainment permits, and accessing security needs of all large and small community events. If the event requires police officer staffing, Family Services Division officers formulates an operations plan and staffs the event. For the large events, Family Services partners with other city entities such as the police Traffic Division, Fire Department, Streets Department, and Parks and Community Services Department to ensure that the event is safe and happens with the highest level of city services.

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