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Citizen Assisted Reporting 

Corona PD's Online Crime Reporting programs to enhance the overall services provided to the community. By utilizing online crime reporting, citizens can complete police reports on minor crimes such as theft, vandalism, lost property, annoying phone calls, non-criminal incidents, and civil matters. This only applies to those cases where there are no known suspects, physical evidence or investigative leads.

Benefits of Online Crime Reporting:

  • Provides greater convenience to the citizens by eliminating the wait time for a Police Officer or a Community Service Officer to respond and gather report information
  • Reduces the call load, which can provide Officers with more time to concentrate on high priority calls resulting in better investigations and successful arrests
  • Officers will have more time for proactive patrol activities and community policing efforts
  • Citizens can make and retain a copy of their own report for insurance purposes or documentation without incurring police report documentation fees. Citizens who return their reports in person can obtain one copy of their report at no cost.
  • Enables the Police Department to keep statistics of high crime areas. This provides Officers with the needed information of where to conduct their proactive patrol activities.

Obtaining a copy of your report:

  • Can be mailed to you by calling 951-736-2330 option 1
  • Obtain over the counter at the Police Department Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Please click here to report a crime online.

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