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What We Buy

Everything that is required to keep the City operating on a daily basis, from office supplies to street paving services.   Our goal is to provide City Departments (Internal Customers) and associated organizations, outstanding procurement support necessary to meet their operational missions and objectives.

How We Buy

Our objective is to purchase the required goods and services in a timely manner to meet the City's needs at a fair and reasonable price utilizing an open competitive bidding process.

Methods of Procurement

Purchases are made utilizing techniques such as telephone quotations or informal quotations for items  valued $45,000 or less, or when emergency conditions prevail. Written quotations are required for purchases greater than $45,000. Formal bid procedures are used when the procurement is estimated to exceed $175,000 for goods and services. 

Selecting Sources of Procurement

Goods and services are procured in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations with contracts awarded to vendors best meeting the City’s requirements while providing a fair and reasonable price.  The City Council adopted a 5% local preference for suppliers located within the City limits.  A 5% preference may be applied to the total price during the evaluation of competitive bids for maintenance work and general services projects and for materials, supplies or equipment.  Local preference does not apply to public works contracts or where prohibited by law. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a vendor, who do I contact for payment?
A. For invoice inquiries please contact Accounts Payable at (951) 736-2326 or

Q. I am a vendor. How do I submit an invoice?
A. Invoices can be submitted to Please ensure that the City of Corona’s Purchase Order number appear on the invoice, packing list and any other invoice-related documents submitted with the invoice.

Q. If I'm not a registered vendor with the City of Corona, can I still submit bids with the City?
A. Generally yes,  you can submit bids. However, certain construction and maintenance projects may be limited to bidding by pre-qualified contractors only. Where applicable, the mandatory contractor pre-qualification requirement is noted in each project’s Notice Inviting Bids, and a list of the pre-qualified contractors is posted with the bid notice. The City maintains an on-going list of pre-qualified contractors and if you are interested In qualifying for the list, please download and complete the Pre-qualification of Bidders package from the City’s Bid Opportunities webpage.

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