Overload Permits

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 Overload Permit Application

Daily Overload Permits

An application is required for a daily overload permit, along with the following information:

  • Name of company or person that the permit shall be issued to
  • Address and telephone number of permittee
  • Description and license number of vehicles and trailers
  • Number of axles, tires, and spacing of axles and combined vehicle length
  • Description of load, including weight, height, width and length
  • Description or map of proposed route
  • Current original certificate of insurance showing liability and property damage amounts, and naming the City of Corona as an additional insured
  • UPDATED August 2019: Click here to see what type of permit is required for extra legal loads.


Annual Overload Permits

To apply for an annual overload permit, the applicant must have the following information:

  • An original current certificate of insurance that names the City of Corona as an additional insured
  • The insurance must be valid for the duration of the permit
  • A complete list of all tractor license numbers that are to be covered under the annual permit

There are additional guidelines that the permittee must follow, including adhering to loading and unloading times, time of travel limitations, etc.

Annual Overload Permit Disclosure.
Overload Truck Routes

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