Construction and Water Meter Permits

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Construction Permits

In order to obtain a construction permit, a contractor must have the following items:

  • A state contractor's license
  • A City business license
  • A Certificate of Insurance
  • An underground service alert permit/ticket
  • A Cal-OSHA excavation permit
  • Authorization letter to obtain the permit
  • An acknowledgement form (grading permits only)
  • Five sets of approved plans
  • All applicable permit fees
  • A public improvement cash deposit
  • A state storm water permit with WDID number (required for grading a site that is one acre or more)

Requirements for Obtaining a Construction Permit (PDF format)

Construction Water Permits

To receive a construction water meter permit, the City requires that you have a City business license, the location of the hydrant and a backflow device.

Due to increased regulations by the State Health Department and the need to protect our drinking water, all contractors that rent irrigation construction meters are required to have a backflow device installed on fire hydrants before the meter is installed. This will eliminate any back siphoning into the City's potable water system. If using a water truck or a water buffalo with an approved airgap, a backflow device is not required.

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