Class M Licensing

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M1 License: You may operate any two-wheel motorcycle, motor driven cycle or motorized scooter and all vehicles listed under Class M2.

M2 License: You may operate any motorized bicycle (moped), any bicycle with an attached motor, or a motorized scooter.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Traffic Division at 951-736-2355.



  • A Motorcycle has more than 150 CC, no more than 3 wheels and weighs less than 1500 pounds. Three wheeled motorcycles or motorcycle with a side car require only a Class C driver license. CVC Sec. 400
  • A Motorcycle has to be registered and driver must have a Motor cycle license (M1).


Motor Driven Cycles149cc Scooter - Motorcycle

  • A Motor Driven Cycle has 149CC or less engine size. CVC Sec. 405
  • A Motor Driven Cycle has to be registered and driver must have a Motor cycle license (M1).


MopedsMoped Bicycle

  • A "motorized bicycle" or "moped" is any two-wheeled or three-wheeled device having fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, or having no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy). CVC Sec. 406(s) 406 (b)
  • A Motorized Bicycle is issued special license plates and identification cards, which require a one-time $18 fee. No renewal required. (M2) moped/scooter only license or an M1



  • A motorized scooter is a two-wheeled device that has handlebars, a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding, and is powered by a motor. More Information CVC Sec. 407.5
  • Motorized scooter does NOT have to be registered but driver must have a (M2) moped/scooter only license or an M1

  • 21235 of the Vehicle Code states: The operator of a motorized scooter shall not do any of the following:

(a) Operate a motorized scooter unless it is equipped with a brake that will enable the operator to make a braked wheel skid on dry, level, clean pavement.

(b) Operate a motorized scooter on a highway with a speed limit in excess of 25 miles per hour unless the motorized scooter is operated within a class II bicycle lane.

(c) Operate a motorized scooter without wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards described in Section 21212.

(d) Operate a motorized scooter without a valid driver’s license or instruction permit.

(e) Operate a motorized scooter with any passengers in addition to the operator.

(f) Operate a motorized scooter carrying any package, bundle, or article that prevents the operator from keeping at least one hand upon the handlebars.

(g) Operate a motorized scooter upon a sidewalk, except as may be necessary to enter or leave adjacent property.

(h) Operate a motorized scooter on the highway with the handlebars raised so that the operator must elevate his or her hands above the level of his or her shoulders in order to grasp the normal steering grip area.

(i) Leave a motorized scooter lying on its side on any sidewalk, or park a motorized scooter on a sidewalk in any other position, so that there is not an adequate path for pedestrian traffic.

(j) Attach the motorized scooter or himself or herself while on the roadway, by any means, to any other vehicle on the roadway.


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