K9 Raider

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The Corona Police Department Facility Dog

Continuing strong community partnerships and enhancing the quality of life for the community is an ever-present theme for the Corona Police Department. As an agency, we strive to find new ways to strengthen and serve our community, and in doing so, in 2018 we proudly announced the newest addition to our agency, Facility K9 Officer Raider II. Raider is our agency’s first Facility Service Dog. He is a yellow Labrador that comes to us as a highly trained service dog from Canine Companions for Independence in Oceanside, CA.

As a certified and Assistance Dogs International compliant service dog, his skill set allows him public access in accordance with ADA Laws.  He is highly trained and knows 40 commands.  K9 Raider uses those commands and his special skill set to comfortably and safely interact with the all community members regardless of their ability levels or adaptive needs.

What are some of the ways he can help?

  • Ease tension for crime victims & witnesses ( adults & children )
  • Provide gentle support to those impacted by traumatic events
  • Calm children who have to testify in court against their suspected abuser
  • Visit Schools, Hospitals, Community Gatherings, City Departments
  • Participate in Adaptive Community events
  • Display compassion to those in need
  • Lower post incident stress levels for first responders 

For more information or appearance inquiries, please email You may also keep up with K9 Raider’s adventures by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

K9 Raider II

Updated on 02/20/2018 10:59 AM

Meet Corona Police Department's Facility Dog, K9 Raider II!

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