Field Services Division

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Our Field Services Division is led by Captain Robert Newman and is comprised of the following divisions:


The FLEX TEAM is a unit within the Field Services Division, whose primary function is to support patrol officers in facilitating problem solving efforts throughout the community utilizing community policing initiatives and crime suppression operations.  The team is comprised of officers whose main objective is to address and resolve specific community needs/concerns without having to respond by way of traditional radio calls for service.  FLEX Team schedules are adjustable and flexible so that they have the ability to address specific issues such as probation/ parole/ PRCS searches, surveillance, search/arrest warrant preparation/service, and conduct enforcement/investigation(s) specific to those community problems they are addressing.


Honor Guard

honor guard 1The Honor Guard is the official ceremonial unit of the Corona Police Department. The purpose of this highly dedicated and trained team is to represent the department and act as a goodwill ambassador at the functions its members attend. Some of these functions include:

  • Attending funerals for fallen officers from outside agencies
  • Funerals for active and retired employees
  • Retirement ceremonies
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Train and or provide assistance to other departments and teams
  • Parades
  • Local school functions
  • Local community and ceremonial events


H.O.P.E. Team

(Homeless Outreach & Psychological Evaluation)

In answer to the growing calls-for-service for unlawful encampments and trespassing by homeless individuals, the Corona Police Department created the H.O.P.E. Team in January of 2015.  The mission of the H.O.P.E. Team is to provide long-term solutions for those who fall into the homeless category by utilizing partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies along with community businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations.  

Some of these people become homeless through a series of unfortunate circumstances such as losing their jobs and their homes. Others are homeless due to drug addiction and their inability to hold a job. Some are homeless because of mental illness and there are those who are homeless by choice.

The primary duties of the team are to be the first responders and primary contact on calls-for-service involving the homeless and the mentally ill. The team also proactively seeks out and contacts people who are homeless and who are in need of services. The team utilizes a balance of support resources as well as enforcement to ensure a good quality-of-life for our community as well as a better quality-of-life for the homeless individuals themselves. 

The H.O.P.E. Team members are Officer Eric Fox and Officer Brandon Walker.  They report directly to Lieutenant Jim Auck, 951-736-2421. 

CONTACT THE H.O.P.E. TEAM AT 951-817-5737

The City of Corona contracts with City Net to provide Homeless Outreach and housing navigation.


K9 Team

k9 team

Besides locating criminal offenders, the Corona Police K-9 Team is utilized for educating the community about the various uses of the police service dog. The K-9 Team is often called upon to help locate evidence discarded or hidden by suspects, locate hidden narcotics, locate missing children or adults, and perform demonstrations for the public at schools, hospitals, and other community events.

Our Police Service Dogs live with their handlers at home with their family which helps strengthen the bond between handler and dog. Handlers are responsible for the day to day feeding, exercise, medical care, training, and socializing of the dog with family and the community. 

There is often a misperception that Police Service Dogs are vicious because they are trained to apprehend potentially violent criminals, however when they are not working, they are able to return to being a member of the family. It is important to note that these are still not your average dog and it is important to treat them accordingly. To view Police Service Dog Safety Tips click here. 

CONTACT THE K9 TEAM AT 951-279-3712

Mounted Enforcement Unit

Mounted-Parade-PicThe Corona Police Department formally organized its Mounted Enforcement Unit in 1991. The Mounted Enforcement Unit has been utilized in a variety of city functions such as large crowd management, crime suppression in the downtown area, concerts in the park, Fourth of July fireworks celebration, as well as search and rescue details.  The unit also has a Mounted Color Guard which presents the colors at formal events, including parades.

The Mounted Enforcement Unit currently consist of eight members.  Lieutenant Dan Bloomfield, Sergeant Megan Samano, Corporal Elizabeth Jolin, Officer David Dopson, Officer Edgar Castaneda, Officer Jonathan Rosenblum, Volunteer Pamela Molter, and Volunteer Mark Johnson.



Our patrol personnel are servicing our committee 24 hours a day providing for their safety and security through our strong partnerships and excellence in policing.  We are committed to providing exceptional service in all that we do.   

CONTACT PATROL AT 951-736-2330 option 3

Special Response Team

PD Rescue VehicleThe Special Response Team (SRT) is comprised of three specialized teams: the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT),Entry Team and the Precision Marksmanship Team.

The unit has been established to provide specialized support in handling critical field operations where intense negotiations and/or special tactical deployment methods beyond the capacity of field officers appear to be necessary.





UAS  (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Team

The UAS team helps enhance the safety and service the department provides the community through leveraging cost-effective technology.

The team consists of seven Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified UAS pilots that are capable of supporting an array of both traditional and non-traditional police activities. These activities include search and rescue, supporting fire operations, aiding in the location and apprehension of fleeing criminals, and any other instance where the safety of the public and our officers require the unique capabilities of the UAS. As a matter of privacy, the Corona Police Department does not conduct ‘routine patrol’ or ‘surveillance’ flights.  If you see the UAS in operation, we are actively working a police call for service.


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