Homeless Solutions

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The Challenge 

Homelessness has become an increasing problem in the Nation, State, Riverside County and here in the City of Corona. Through cooperation among city staff, volunteers, nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness, Corona can make positive changes in the lives of the homeless, while also respecting the rights of home and business owners.


Creating Solutions

City Net 

City Net is a team of nonprofit professionals who work to end street-level homelessness in a city or region through the coordination of community efforts and activities.

City Net

In many cases, City Net is contracted by cities and regions to lead multi-sector homeless collaboratives, which unite city and county agencies, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, businesses, advocacy groups, concerned citizens and the faith community in a singular effort to address and end homelessness in the community. The coordination of care among these groups results in shared goals and successes greater than the sum of the individual parts.

When local needs require it, City Net also deploys staff in direct service provision through street outreach and case management services. Street outreach seeks to connect unsheltered homeless neighbors with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services, and providing urgent, non-facility-based care. These activities are intended to help homeless neighbors obtain appropriate supportive services, including permanent housing, medical health treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, supervision, and other services essential for achieving independent living; housing stability case management; and other Federal, State, local, or private assistance available to assist the program participant in obtaining housing stability.

City Net also works to mobilize community resources, including meals, volunteers, donations and advocacy, to coordinate care in emergency shelters, parks, and other public areas where homeless neighbors live. These efforts seek to reduce wasteful duplication and fill missing gaps in the continuum of care, with the long-term goal of ending homelessness by providing homeless neighbors a stable context in which their emergency needs are met, so they can work on long-term housing plans.


Community interest? Email getinvolved@citynet.org or go to the Contact Us link on the City Net website at www.citynet.org/corona



January 2019 – City Net Homeless Services Dashboard Report
December 2018 – City Net Homeless Services Dashboard Report


Corona Police Department (H.O.P.E.) Team

The primary duties of the Homeless Outreach & Psychological Evaluation (H.O.P.E.) team are to be the first responders and primary contact on calls-for-service involving the homeless and the mentally ill. The team also proactively seeks out and contacts people who are homeless and who are in need of services. The team utilizes a balance of support resources as well as enforcement to ensure a good quality-of-life for our community as well as a better quality-of-life for the homeless individuals themselves. 

The H.O.P.E. Team members are Officer Jeremy Hartman and Officer Jason Goudy.  They report directly to Lieutenant Jim Auck, 951-736-2421. 

CONTACT THE H.O.P.E. TEAM AT 951-817-5737


Additional Resources


 Contact Number  Website
Corona-Norco Settlement House

507 S. Vicentia Ave. Corona, CA 92882

 951-737-3504  www.SettlementHouse.net 
Corona Norco Rescue Mission

420 Harrison St., Corona, CA 92880

 951-493-2091  www.RescueMission.org 

Inspire Life Skills
815 W. Sixth Street, Suite 160, Corona CA 92882



1331 River Rd, Corona, CA 92880

951-736-9622  https://ymcacornor.org 
211 Riverside County

2060 University Ave # 212, Riverside, CA 92507

2-1-1 or 951-686-4402  www.ConnectRiverside.org 
Path of Life – Community Shelter Program

2840 Hulen Place, Riverside, CA 92507


Path of Life – Family Shelter

2530 Third St, Riverside, CA 92507



 Click here to view a complete downloadable Homeless Resources Information Card