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City of Corona Design Parameters

Risk Category
General Area
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I 100 mph 110 mph
110 mph
120 mph
115 mph 125 mph

General examples of Risk Categories are listed below; but the designer is required to review both ASCE 7-10 and the 2013 California Building Code Table 1604.5 for a complete list and definition.

Risk Category I: Buildings and other structures that represent a low risk to human life in the event of a failure such as agricultural facilities.

Risk Category II: All buildings and other structures except those listed in Risk Categories I, III and IV.

Risk Category III: Buildings and other structures, the failure of which could pose a substantial risk to human life. For example, buildings and other structures whose primary occupancy is public assembly with an occupant load greater than 300, or structures containing an elementary school, secondary school or daycare with an occupant load greater than 250.

Risk Category IV: Buildings and other structures designated as essential facilities.

Seismic Design Values for Buildings

Average Rain Fall:
2" Per Hour

Climate Zone:
Zone 10

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