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Below are links to Expedited Building Permits. Each submittal package below contains all of the required forms that must be submitted to qualify for an "Expedited Plan Check".

For solar permits, the required forms include the "Application Form",  "Eligibility Checklist", "Standard Plan" and "Structural Criteria Form". In addition the submittal must include attachments of a roof plan and installation/spec sheets for all installed items. An additional "Cover Sheet" may be included at the contractors option. Attached documents shall be in the pdf format and will be printed at 11 x 17 maximum size.

Plan check processing will not begin until payment of plan check fees has been confirmed by the Building Division.

The completed package and all attachments may be submitted electronically by visiting the city's electronic permit portal eTRAKiT at and selecting any of the expedited permit application types.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permits

EV Guidelines

Central Inverter Solar PV Energy Systems

Application-Central Inverter
Submittal Requirements-Central Inverter
Eligibility Checklist-Central Inverter
Standard Plan-Central Inverter
Structural Criteria-Central Inverter

Microinverter/ACM Solar PV Energy Systems

Submittal Requirements-Microinverter
Eligibility Checklist-Microinverter
Standard Plan-Microinverter
Structural Criteria-Microinverter

Rooftop Solar Domestic Water Heating Systems (SDWH)

Submittal Requirements-SDWH
Eligibility Checklist-SDWH
Standard Plan-SDWH
Structural Criteria-SDWH

Rooftop Solar Pool Water Heating Systems (SPWH)

Submittal Requirements-SPWH
Eligibility Checklist-SPWH
Standard Plan-SPWH
Structural Criteria-SPWH

Below are links to the all the required forms above, incorporated into one file as a "portfolio" for each type of expedited solar permit, for convenience:

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