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The Corona Animal Shelter offers microchipping services to City of Corona’s residents.

Microchipping is permanent pet identification. The process is simple, and the chip is designed to quickly identify pets and reunite them with their owners should they become lost. Most pets wear collar tags imprinted with their name and the phone number of their pet parent, but only a microchip provides permanent ID that cannot fall off, be removed, or become impossible to read.

Microchipping services will be offered for dogs and cats on Wednesdays, from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., by appointment only. Residents are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time to complete microchip registration paperwork. Both dogs and cats can be microchipped for only $15.00, but dogs must be licensed prior to the date of their appointment.

For more information about this service, please call 951-736-2309.

  • Microchipping Services Questions & Answers

    • Q. Can I microchip my rabbit?

      A. No. Microchipping services are only offered for dogs and cats. 

    • Q. How does a microchip help reunite a lost animal with its owner?

      A. When an animal is found and taken to a shelter or veterinary clinic, one of the first things they do is scan the animal for a microchip. If they find a microchip, and if the microchip registry has accurate information, they can quickly find the animal's owner.

    • Q. How is a microchip implanted into an animal? Is it painful?

      A. It is injected under the skin using a hypodermic needle. It is no more painful than a typical injection. No surgery or anesthesia is required.

    • Q. What kind of information is contained in the microchip?

      A. The microchips presently used in pets only contain identification numbers. No, the microchip is not a GPS device and cannot track your animal if it gets lost. 

    • Q. Will there be a charge to register the microchip?

      A. There is no additional charge to register the microchip

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