Public Works Volunteer Program

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Public Works provides efficient and cost-effective services involving engineering, transportation and traffic within the public right-of-way. Transit staff is looking for volunteers to assist staff with gathering information from bus passengers and providing a report card on our bus service.

Public Works welcomes volunteers!

Corona Transit Bus Service:

Corona Transit Bus Service volunteers assist with:

  • Conducting passenger surveys – getting input from bus passengers is an effective way to measure system performance, better understand our passenger’s transit needs, identify areas for improvement, and adjust current service and plan for future service changes. Meeting, greeting, and talking with bus passengers would occur at locations such as schools, shopping centers, train stations, and on the bus.
  • Bus Rider Report Card – we need you to ride the bus and rate your experience. Did we get an A+ or C-? Was the bus driver courteous, safe, and professional? Was the bus clean and in good working order? Did the bus arrive on time? Such an evaluation, or ‘Report Card’, is invaluable to transit staff in monitoring the performance our transit service. You ride the bus when you can and complete a survey form as you ride. You can ride whenever you have time - weekdays or on Saturday. The bus fare is on us; we’ll give you a day pass for each day you will be riding. No experience is necessary – we’ll provide you with a bus map, bus schedule, and help you plan out your trip.
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