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Welcome to the City of Corona's Permits Directory!

Please browse the reference guide below to view contact information. You may also click on a service to expand details. 

Banner PermitsCommunity Development951-736-2262
Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing PermitCommunity Development951-736-2250
Conditional Use PermitsCommunity Development951-736-2262
Swimming Pool PermitsCommunity Development951-736-2250
Yard & Garage Sale PermitsCommunity Development951-736-2262
Land Use PermitsCommunity Development951-736-2262
Search / Grand Opening Lights PermitsCommunity Development951-736-4970
Public Assembly PermitsFire Department951-736-2220
Controlled Burning, Open Fires PermitsFire Department951-736-2257
Alarm PermitsPolice Department951-736-2397
Dance PermitsPolice Department951-736-2355
Commercial Vehicle Parking PermitsPolice Department951-736-2355
Concealed Weapons PermitsPolice Department951-736-2288
Solicitation PermitsPolice Department951-736-2355
Street Construction PermitsPublic Works951-736-2259
Overload PermitsPublic Works951-736-2259
Private DevelopmentPublic Works951-736-2259
Special District AnnexationsPublic Works951-736-2205
Construction - GradingPublic Works951-279-3511
Block Party Barricades PermitPublic Works951-736-2259
Preferential Parking PermitsPublic Works951-736-2259
Wide Load PermitsPublic Works951-736-2259
Meters (for Grading)Public Works951-736-2259
Street Closure (Block Party)Public Works951-736-2259