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  • Q. Can we build a tunnel to Orange County?

  • Q. Why is the McKinley Grade Separation Project needed?

  • Q. Why has the City Council directed staff to prepare an RFP for the design of the road over tracks option?

  • Q. If the road over tracks option is pursued, what is the estimated height of bridge for motor traffic, and what is the estimate of clearance for trains and trucks?

  • Q. What is the next step in the process?

  • Q. Will my property or business be needed or impacted by the McKinley Grade Separation Project?

  • Q. How will a property or business owner know if and how it is affected by the grade separation project?

  • Q. If the project is approved, when is construction anticipated to begin?

  • Q. How long might construction last?

  • Q. What is the applicable NEPA/CEQA process?

  • Q. Would McKinley or Sampson be closed during construction?

  • Q. Will bicycles and pedestrians be able to pass through the area during construction?

  • Q. How would I get to my business on Sampson after the bridge is complete?

  • Q. Would there be a bike lane on the bridge?

  • Q. Would there be sidewalks on the bridge?

  • Q. Where can citizens direct comments/concerns/questions?

  • Who is the contact for additional questions about the LED streetlight conversion project?

  • What is Corona doing with all of the streetlights it is removing?

  • What are the benefits of the LED streetlight fixture project?

  • How long will the project last?

  • How many streetlights is Corona replacing with the LED streetlight conversion project?

  • Why is Corona doing an LED streetlight conversion project?

  • Why do the new LED fixtures appear to be dimmer?

  • What color of light are LED streetlight fixtures?

  • What are LED streetlights?

  • What kind of streetlights does Corona currently use?

  • Q. I need to get an Overload Transportation Permit, what do I do?

  • Q. I'd like to have a block party on my street, how do I get a permit?

  • Q. I have a drainage problem on my property, how do I get it resolved?

  • Q. I'm building a pool, what do I need to get my permit?

  • Q. I'd like to get a temporary construction water meter, what do I need to do?

  • Q. I am planning on developing my property, what are the fees and processes?

  • Q. Where is Corona's Public Works Counter?

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