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Keeping our schools safe is one of the highest priorities of the Corona Police Department. In coordination with the Corona Norco Unified School District, we have created this web page to keep parents and students aware of the current investigation of rumored threats to our schools. 

If you are concerned about a rumored threat to a school in Corona, please review the list below to see the status of its investigation. If you have a tip about a threat that is not listed in the chart below, please call our dispatch center at 951-736-2330 option 3. 

Be sure to follow the Corona Police Department and the Corona Norco Unified School District on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information. 

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Date  School  Incident Description  Incident Image  Investigation Progress  School CorrespondEnce
 2/8/19 Santiago High School   Alleged Threat to Santiago High School   

City of Corona Police Department are currently investigating an alleged threat at Santiago High School that occurred one week ago. The threat was just disclosed to parents and police this morning. Police Officers on campus have interviewed the involved parties and determined the campus is safe at this time.

Please know that our number one priority is the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Please remember if you hear or see something, immediately say something.

 January 22, 2019 Santiago High School   Rumor posted on social media about an alleged threat.   

Santiago Sharks Parents and Community,

Santiago High School site administration was made aware of a rumor posted on social media about an alleged threat. The Corona Police Department was notified, and after an investigation, we have found no immediate threat.


We are continuing to follow up for further information. All rumored threats are taken very seriously, and Corona PD is working with site administration to investigate this matter further.


Please know that our number one priority is the safety and well-being of students and staff. 


Please be aware that the school is safe, and as a precaution, we are adding an extra officer on site.  

 CNUSD Facebook Post


 April 13, 2018  School Districts throughout the State An email threat has been circulating to school districts throughout the State of California.     

An email threat has been circulating to school districts throughout the State of California. The FBI investigated the email and found it to be non-credible. Locally, it has been determined that there is no viable threat to any schools in Riverside or San Bernardino County. This most recent email threat was sent from outside the country in the Netherlands area and is a hoax.

Please know that our number one priority is the safety and well-being of students and staff. Should you have any questions related to school safety please contact 951-736-5111.

March 28, 2018

Santiago High School

 On March 27 at about 10:03 p.m. information was received that a Santiago High School Student had seen pictures of guns and the words "do not go to school on Mar 28" in a classmates notebook.    The student was identified and contacted at his residence. There were no guns at the residence and the student said he never wrote any threats, he just likes to draw guns that he sees in the PC games he plays. Officers reviewed the notebook and confirmed the student's statement. No credible threat could be found.    
March 21, 2018  Caesar Chavez Academy 

At about 5:42 p.m. today, a concerning social media post addressing Cesar Chavez Academy was reported to the Corona Police Department.


UPDATE 3/22/18 at 8:40 PM: 

Investigators have determined the social media post relating to Cesar Chavez Academy is not credible.


After numerous interviews, the assistance of the Cesar Chavez Academy students and staff, and technical assistance from SnapChat and AT&T Internet Services, investigators were able to determine the circumstances and person involved in this case. The individual who posted the photo had no means to carry out a threat. The suspect's age prevents additional disclosures relating to this case. There are no known credible threats and, according to our partners at the Corona-Norco Unified School District, classes are continuing as usual tomorrow. Officers assigned to the area of Cesar Chavez Elementary will provide extra patrol throughout the day. We appreciate your patience during this investigation. 


UPDATE 3/22/18 at 10 AM: Corona Police continues to work cooperatively and collaboratively with CNUSD to provide for the safety of all campuses throughout the city. We will take all appropriate measures needed for the safety of students and staff. Details of specific security measures taken are dependent on several factors and vary from case to case. CNUSD policy and search and seizure laws are also factors on what actions can be taken on campus. We are actively investigating the source of the social media post and have an officer at Cesar Chavez all day today. SnapChat is cooperating with detectives in this investigation. 


UPDATE 3/22/18 at 6:23 AM: 
Investigators are continuing the investigation. Officers will be at Cesar Chavez Academy out of an abundance of caution. Student safety is our utmost priority. 


UPDATE 3/21 10:15PM: Investigators are following leads on this investigation and will continue to work the case throughout the night. We will post additional information as it become available. 


This social media post is being investigated at this time. The Corona Police Department is working closely with the Corona-Norco Unified School District as we determine the nature of the post. We will provide an update as soon as it is available.


We appreciate everyone who has reached out to the police department to report this social media post.

3/7/18  Corona High School  Social Media rumored threat to Corona High School.    

During the investigation of an earlier rumored threat at Corona High School, officials learned of a photograph of a female holding a gun, with the word "Corona" across the image. Investigators located and interviewed the female, a teenage student, in the now-deleted social media post. The picture was a single-frame video capture of a short video that was part of an assignment. The photo was altered to include the "Corona" word by someone else online, and then re-posted on social media where it was later brought to the attention of a teacher at another CNUSD high school by a concerned student.  Investigators were able to confirm the gun shown in the video is a plastic Airsoft BB gun. The student and the student's parents were cooperative and there is no credible threat related to this social media post.

Corona High School Facebook Post

Corona High School Tweet

 3/7/2018 Corona High School A threat to Corona High School.  

This morning, the Corona Police Department was notified of a concerning social media post related to Corona High School. The School Resource Officer at Corona High School was notified of a possible threat and  immediately began investigating the rumor with school administrators. A student reportedly overheard another student make a threat during class time. This rumor was spread through social media and not initially reported to school staff or police. The School Resource Officer and school administrators spoke with the student who made the comment to a classmate. The source of the comment said it was meant as a joke. The student was searched and the threat was determined to not be credible.

The investigation is ongoing but the student in question poses no threat at this time.

We will provide an update as soon as the investigation is complete.


UPDATE: Further investigation confirmed the preliminary finding that the threat was unfounded. 

Corona High School Facebook Post 


 2/25/2018 Centennial High Social media post telling students not to come to school Monday.    Last night, the Corona Police Department was notified of a concerning social media post related to Centennial High School. Officers contacted a student who had reportedly told a friend not to come to school on Monday. That comment was overheard by another student who then posted it online. The investigation revealed that the comment was not a threat to any person or the school. The student, who reportedly made the comment, and the student’s parents, were cooperative with investigators. Parents are encouraged to speak with their children about reporting comments to police or school officials rather than spread rumors via social media.  The Centennial High School Administration is aware of this incident. Centennial Tweet 
 2/21/2018 Santiago High The Corona Police Department has been made aware of concerns of a rumored online threat discussed amongst students, and we have been actively working with CNUSD officials to identify the source of the rumor, which has since been discredited. There are a few Corona Police vehicles and personnel on the Santiago Campus today for an unrelated, pre-planned meeting with administrators for an upcoming event.   Upon completion of the investigation regarding today’s rumored threat at Santiago High School, it was discovered, that the rumor originated after a joking comment was misinterpreted between a student and former student of Santiago HS. The Corona Police Department has determined that there was never a threat toward Santiago HS or its students.  Santiago Tweet
 2/21/2018 Centennial High Tweet stating that a "Threat has been made by a student as CHS-- 'it would be a good idea for everyone at centennial to stay home tomorrow i'm going to shoot up the school' Please spread the word"   Centennial threat The post that mentions "Centennial High School" is actually referring to a high school by that name in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Corona Police Detectives have spoken with investigators there and confirmed the post is directed at their Centennial High School and that it is a hoax.  Centennial Tweet
 2/21/2018 Santiago High  Facebook Post threatening to bring a gun to SHS school.   Ray Andres Threat  An online post that refers to "SHS" has been confirmed to have originated out of the State of Kentucky and is not related to Corona's Santiago High School.   
 2/21/2018 Santiago High Snapchat image of a Santiago student holding what appeared to be an assault rifle.    

A Santiago student reported seeing a social media post/photo of a teenager who attends Corona's Santiago High School, wearing a ski mask and holding what appears to be an assault rifle. Corona Police Officers located the student at his home and confirmed the weapon is a realistic-looking Airsoft BB gun and that he has made no threats against anyone or any school.


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