Streets: Lights, Sidewalks, Sweeping, and Trees

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The City of Corona works to keep the City's streets in excellent repair.

The City of Corona is responsible for maintaining and repairing the City's roadways, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, lights, trees, and catch basins. Our staff strives to provide the residents of Corona with dependable, quality service.

Looking to request service? 

  • To request minor repairs and/or maintenance of a City sidewalk, roadway, curb or gutter, please call Maintenance Services at (951) 736-2234 or submit an Online Service Request.
  • Major rehabilitation and construction of street facilities is handled by the Capital Improvement Projects Section of Public Works. For service, please call (951) 736-2266 or submit an Online Service Request.
  • To report emergency conditions, please call the Corona Police Department at (951) 736-2330, option 3. 


Street Tree Maintenance

Trees not only beautify the City of Corona, they also cast welcome shade on streets and sidewalks.

Help us care for the trees in the City:


Street Lighting

With nearly 11,500 street lights to maintain, the City works hard to ensure efficiency and safety for all vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

The City of Corona manages three Lighting Maintenance Districts (LMD), LMD 84-1, LMD 2003-1, and CFD 2011-1. These Lighting Maintenance Districts pay for the costs of ongoing maintenance and improvement of public street lights and traffic signals, which provides special benefits to properties within the boundary of the District. Special benefits are defined as improvements that increase the desirability or value of property directly associated with the enhancements. Assessments are established on a "zone-by-zone" basis and are paid by the property owners annually for a portion of the maintenance costs in their zone.

To read more about the Lighting Maintenance Districts 84-1 and 2003-1, please visit the Landscape Management Districts page.

To report a problem with a street light, please call (951) 736-2234, or place an Online Service Request.


Street Sweeping

The City of Corona contracts with Clean Street, Inc. for street sweeping services. Has your street been missed or do you have other concerns? Call the Maintenance Services Department at (951) 736-2234.

The City's goal is to ensure that all arterial, residential, industrial and alley roadways are kept clean. Maintaining clean streets keeps Corona beautiful and assists in complying with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements.

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