City Attorney's Office

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The City Attorney’s Office represents and advises the City Council, as well as all other City officers, boards, commissions, committees and employees, in legal matters pertaining to their City offices and employment, to the extent required or allowed by law and as otherwise directed by the City Council.   

The City Attorney’s Office acts as “corporate counsel” for the City by administering the legal business of the City in the ever-widening areas of law impacting municipal corporations.  We perform or oversee all legal work for the City and generally represent the City in all actions at law.  For instance, we represent the City on all claims and other litigation matters filed by or against the City.  In those rare instances when outside counsel is utilized, particularly in workers’ compensation and electric utility-related matters, we oversee the outside special counsel.  Outside of court, we assist with the acquisition, sale or abandonment of real property, draft or assist in drafting all ordinances, resolutions, motions, agreements and contracts to be made or entered into by the City, and approve as to form agreements and other legal instruments.  We also manage the City’s portfolio of cell site license agreements in order to streamline the process and enhance the City’s bargaining position and maximize benefits.  Finally, we are empowered to prosecute violations of the Corona Municipal Code. 

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