Food Processing Industry

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Corona is home to well-known food manufacturers like Monster Energy, Veg Fresh Farms, US Foodservices, and more. As manufacturing continues to make up over 13% of Corona’s employment, companies choosing Corona have a wide-range of access to resources and well-educated employees, specifically in the Food Processing Industry.  


Food Processing Industry Facts

  • Corona was originally known to be the Citrus Capital of the World, providing a profitable citrus industry with grapefruit, orange, and lemon fruits which was the backbone of the local economy.
  • Located in between the i15 and 91 freeway, Corona is a prime location for food manufacturing due to the easy route access across the west coast and United States.
  • Education: The California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFÉ) program at University of California Riverside is bringing innovation and development, just a short distance from the City of Corona. This is not only shaping the way Food Processers do work but allows for a fresh generation of educated employees to enter the City’s workforce. 
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