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Corona's electric utility was established on April 2001 in response to state-wide rolling blackouts and electric price instability.


Corona's electric utility was established on April 4, 2001, by City Council Resolution No. 2001-25 in response to state-wide rolling blackouts and electric price instability. All new residents and developments are prospective customers of the City's electric utility. New residents and developments will only become customers of the new electric utility when it is cost effective to have an interconnection with Southern California Edison ("SCE") facilities.

The electric utility provides fully bundled electric service to City owned and operated facilities and eight areas within the City. It also provides energy delivery services to municipal and commercial customers within the City. The utility currently serves loads with about 25 MW of peak demand. Click here for a map of our electric service areas.

Power Resiliency


Electric Rates

The City of Corona's electric rates are calculated using the following seasonally adjusted baselines:
Summer:  470 kwh per month or 15.66 kwh per day.
Winter:  355 kwh per month or 11.83 kwh per day. 

Specific services of interest to commercial and residential customers are provided below.

Domestic Rates
Energy Charge $/kWh/Meter Summer & Summer
Tier 1– Baseline Quantities 0.11808
Tier 2– 101% to 130% of Baseline                                   0.13741
Tier 3– 131% to 200% of Baseline 0.22696
Tier 4– Over 200% of Baseline 0.32337
 Customer Charge - $/Meter/Day  
 Single-Family Residence 0.029 
 Multi- Family Residence 0.022


 Summer Season – On-Peak 0.13561
 Mid-Peak 0.11027
 Off-Peak 0.07706 
 Winter Season – Mid-Peak 0.11282
Off-Peak  0.08052 
 Other Charges  
 Customer Charge - $/Meter/Month  277.25
Demand Charge - $/kW of Billing Demand/Meter/Month            
Facilities Related  7.62
Summer Season – On-Peak 18.16 
Mid-Peak 6.23 
Power Factor Adjustment - $/KVA 0.18 

Time Periods:
On-Peak: 12 noon to 6 p.m. Summer Weekdays, Except Holidays
Mid-Peak: 8 a.m. to 12 noon and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Summer Weekdays, Except Holidays
Off-Peak: All other hours



Forms, Applications and Information

Annual Power Content Source Disclosure

Annual disclosure statements let you see the power sources that supply Corona's electric utility.

Quick Facts About The Electric Division

  • Municipally owned electric utility established April 4, 2001
  • Serves approximately 1,800 customers
  • Current load is approximately 25 MW of peak demand

Solar Energy Resources


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