Celebrating Neighbors

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The "Celebrating Neighbors" Awards Program was created to recognize individual residents (18 years old or over) that demonstrate a commitment to building strong neighborhood relationships. These are individuals that have voluntarily taken on the personal responsibility of bringing neighbors together to improve the quality of life in Corona. There are endless examples of what constitutes a good neighbor. The "Celebrating Neighbors" Awards Program gives us the opportunity to nominate and shine the spotlight on a neighbor's selfless contribution and acts of goodwill.

An "ideal neighbor" is someone who...

  • Builds neighborhood ties;
  • Helps create a safe, healthy and appealing neighborhood;
  • Involves themselves and others in neighborhood issues/projects;


The Process

To nominate a neighbor, simply complete and submit a Celebrating Neighbors" Awards Nomination Form. Nominations are accepted each quarter and are due on the following dates:

  • 1st Quarter: March 31

  • 2nd Quarter: June 30

  • 3rd Quarter: September 30

  • 4th Quarter: December 31

Each quarter, The Celebrating Neighbors Awards Selection Committee members consider the nominations received. Members of the Committee are Corona residents and who were selected based on their backgrounds in community involvement and civic affairs. The judging criteria is based on the above description of an "ideal neighbor".

One award winner will be chosen per quarter and recognized at a subsequent City Council meeting.



Any adult Corona resident can nominate a neighbor. Those that submit a nomination must not live in the same household as the nominee. All nominations must be submitted to:

City of Corona, City Manager's Office
400 South Vicentia Avenue,
Corona, CA 92882

Attn: Celebrating Neighbors Awards Committee

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