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Council Districts | Measure N

As a result of the passing of Measure N on the November 2016 ballot, the City of Corona will be changing from its current “at-large” system for electing City Council Members to a “by-district” system. Historically, Corona’s City Council Members have been elected at-large, meaning that each is elected by all Corona voters and each can reside anywhere in the City. However, in 2016 Measure N was placed on the ballot and passed. This has changed the way in which Corona elects its City Council Members.  It created five council electoral districts and requires the election by the residents of each of those districts of one Council Member who also resides in the same district. This is known as a “by-district” election process.  A map of the adopted council electoral districts can be found here.

The City Council Members currently in office will continue in office until the expiration of their terms.  Commencing with the election in November of 2018, the voters in District 1, District 4 and District 5 will elect their City Council Members by-district.  In November of 2020, the voters in District 2 and District 3 will elect their City Council Members by-district.

How were the districts determined?

With the help of consultant Doug Johnson, President of the National Demographics Corporation, Corona has drawn the proposed council district boundary lines, making sure that each district has close to the same population and otherwise complies with federal and state law (e.g. no racial gerrymandering).  The goals were also to have each district consist of contiguous territory in as compact a form as possible, to respect “communities of interest”, and to have district boundaries follow visible, natural and man-made geographical and topographical features as much as possible.  To accomplish these goals, we used census information, voter registration and economic data and other criteria to draw sample maps and seek input from the community.

Overall, the City held five community forums and several public meetings with the City Council to gather community input, including three public hearings in June and July.  Ultimately, on July 6, 2016 the City Council voted to adopt the proposed map and to place Measure N on the November ballot.

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