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Omission of any required items circle below will result in refusal of plans for plan check.

  • Submit five (5) complete sets of plans including:
    • Plot plan with property line dimensions and location of the building and any other structures including the proposed room addition (see "Sample plot plan" available at front counter).
    • Foundation plan.
    • Floor plan.
    • Ceiling and roof framing plan. Indicate rafter spans and spacing, purlins, and rafter ties.
    • Electrical plan: (Electrical service shall be underground, C.M.C. 15.60) For a new service location contact - Tony Lopez, Edison Planner at 909-930-8515 or Lyle Trend at 909-930-8435
      • Panel location.
      • Lighting and outlet layout.
      • Circuit schedule and demand load.
    • Plumbing isometrics:
      • Water distribution.
      • Waste and venting.
      • Gas distribution.
    • Provide a mechanical plan:
      • Location and size of all registers (supply & return)Size, location, & manufacturers specifications for all equipment.
  • Provide two (2) sets of "wet" stamped and signed Structural Calculations and roof truss calculations.
  • Provide two (2) sets of Title 24 Energy Calculations. A "CF-1R" form is available at the front counter.
  • Provide two (2) sets of Soils Report.
  • Provide two (2) sets of Soil Percolation Test for proposed septic systems.
  • Provide water test for newly drilled wells from Riverside County Department of Health.
  • Separate permits are required for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Patio covers, Swimming Pools, Fencing, Garden and Retaining walls.
  • Comply with Corona Burglary Ordinance #15.52 (copies available at front counter).
  • Fees: Consult with Department of Water & Power and Public Works Departments for any additional fees.
  • All contractors and sub-contractors must show proof of State and City licenses and shall comply with Section 3800 of the Labor Code regarding Workers' Compensation. Home owners performing and/or coordinating their own construction must complete an Owner-Builder Verification form.

Call Corona-Norco School District for school fees 951-736-5045


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