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Traffic Signal Improvements within the Dos Lagos Area

Post Date:07/17/2019 8:43 AM

In the fiscal year 2018/19 City Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Budget, a CIP was created to update and improve the traffic signals within the Dos Lagos area along Temescal Canyon Road.

The funding for the project came from CFD 2003-1 which pays for the operation and maintenance of the street lights & traffic signals within the CFD 2003-1 area. The total budget for the CIP is $415,000. The city has spent over $250,000 in labor and materials and plans to transfer the remaining balance in to a CIP that will enhance the communications and traffic management systems for the area. The following six traffic signals along Temescal Canyon Road were first activated in 2006 and have been targeted with these improvements: Blue Springs Drive, Pronio Drive, Lakeshore Drive, Cabot Drive, Fashion Drive, and Dos Lagos Drive.

The improvements and benefits they provide are as follows:

• All red, yellow and green indications were replaced with new improved LED indications providing better energy efficiency, better quality of light output and reduced maintenance costs.

• All pedestrian indications were replaced with LED count-down indications and all pedestrian buttons and sign plates were replaced with new buttons and sign plates to meet the latest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA-MUTCD). This improves pedestrian safety and energy efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

• All traffic signal box lids were replaced with new durable lockable signal lids. These lids will not be easily crushed by vehicles and provide better safety to the public and wire-theft protection to the wires that operate the traffic signal.

• The traffic signals’ Internally Illuminated Street Name Signs (IISNS) were upgraded with new LED lighting technology which provides better quality lighting of our signs, reduces energy consumption and reduces maintenance costs.

• The video detection systems at each location were replaced with the latest technology available to provide more accurate vehicle detection and allows for better traffic management while reducing maintenance costs.

• The battery backup systems were replaced with new battery technology that is more eco-friendly and provides longer lasting emergency power to traffic signals during power events.

• The traffic monitoring cameras and communication infrastructure will be upgraded as part of a future city-wide project allowing Traffic Engineering staff to more effectively monitor and manage traffic flow in the area.

All of these improvements bring these traffic signals up to date with the City of Corona’s highest standards for traffic signals and will provide long lasting benefits to the area by improving traffic safety, improved traffic flow, reducing energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please contact Dennis Ralls at

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