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Wind Event Advisory

Post Date:01/22/2019 9:10 AM

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for Riverside County inclusive of the City of Corona.

High winds can sometimes damage power lines and equipment, particularly if hit by flying and falling debris. Corona Department of Water and Power (CDWP) reminds its customers to never approach or touch a downed power line or dangling wire or anything in contact with them — even if it appears not to be live or safe to do so — and to call 911 immediately.

At approximately 5:50 am this morning (January 22, 2019) SCE did experience and issue on an adjacent power line to those that service Corona DWP power.  This issue did cause a momentary glitch in the power service to any of Corona DWP customers.

If power outages occur due to high winds, the extreme conditions may necessitate longer restoration times. When the National Weather Service calls for Red Flag warnings, disconnected electric circuits will not be automatically re-energized by CDWP or Southern California Edison (SCE).  During these Red Flag Events, CDWP and SCE will physically patrol and inspect the lines before they are re-energized for the safety of all. 

During extreme weather, SCE looks at maintenance outages on a case-by-case basis and factors such as public safety and reliability needs are considered. CDWP customers may report or inquire about outages at 951-736-2234 and can get the latest information on outages at  SCE Customers can also get the latest information by visiting or at and

High Wind Safety Tips

  • If you are outside during high winds: 
    • Use handrails where available on outdoor walkways and avoid elevated areas such as roofs without adequate railing.
    • Watch for flying debris. Tree limbs may break and street signs may become loose during strong wind gusts.
  • In the event of a downed power line:
    • Call 911. Do not try to free lines or to remove debris yourself.
    • Avoid anything touching downed lines, including vehicles or tree branches. Puddles and even a wet ground can conduct electricity in some cases.
    • Warn others to stay away.
  • If you are driving:
    • Keep both hands on the wheel and slow down.
    • Watch for objects blowing across the roadway and into your path.
    • Keep a safe distance from cars in adjacent lanes and take extra care in high-profile vehicles. 


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