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This calendar of events is organized chronologically and provides basic information on events taking place within the City, or sponsored by Corona-based organizations.

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The Business Hour featuring Jeaneen Cockrell

  • Date: 10/10/2019 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM  
  • Location: First Bank, Corona
    104 E Ontario Avenue
    Corona, California 92882
  • Introduction: Join our Economic Development team for a roundtable discussion centered around pertinent business topics.

Jeaneen Cockrell  

Jeaneen Cockrell

President, Set My Path
For over 20 years, Jeaneen Cockrell has been recognized as a top Sales Leader, helping groups like Eli Lilly, Aetna, Philip Morris and many others achieve breakthrough success. Based on her experience as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing Leader, Jeaneen knows exactly what it takes to overcome obstacles, achieve peak performance, and develop a champion’s mindset in business and in life.

Jeaneen teaches audiences that no matter what their goals are – gaining new customers, getting more from current customers, or even winning the employee softball championship – there are just a few factors that spell the difference between failure and success. Between coming up short and achieving goals that previously seemed out of reach, or even impossible,  she shows them exactly how to adopt these crucial practices to FIND THE WIN!

As a Sales Coach and Speaker, no one can match Jeaneen’s passion, and her ability to inspire organizations to adopt and operate by the Winning Every Sale principle. Her work with sales-focused companies has been instrumental in creating a culture of everybody sales in the workplace, and instilling a greater sense of accountability within each individual across a team.

What makes Jeaneen’s story so compelling? Her awe-inspiring message comes from her lifelong competitive nature, and the transformational moment when she was trapped beneath the iron of several train cars. She shares her unforgettable journey, and all of the opportunities and experiences that she embraced along the way, reminding groups that they don’t have to go through the tragedy she endured to start living to their fullest potential while increasing the bottom line.

Join the Business Hour and hear from top Sales Leader Jeaneen Cockrell! 

The Business Hour

Join local businesses and business experts! Instead of a “speaker,” or a “presenter,” this meeting features a facilitator who is an expert in the topic area. The meeting is designed to provide answers and solutions to business-related issues. There is no cost to attend. No RSVP required. Don't miss the next event!


The City of Corona's Economic Development Department is dedicated to bringing you valuable resources and events with dynamic content so that you can grow your business in Corona! For more information, please call 951-736-2371.

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